Michael Douglas Shared He’s Become an “Expert at Intimate Scenes” and Revealed His Secret

10 months ago

Michael Douglas, 78, who experienced a remarkable period of success in the late ’80s and ’90s as the leading figure in Hollywood’s erotic thrillers, shared his wisdom on capturing intimate moments on camera. Reflecting on his career, he nostalgically recounted the controversial film that played a pivotal role in shaping his artistic journey.

He proudly proclaimed himself the “expert” of love scenes.

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Reflecting on his involvement in the controversial Basic Instinct’s premiere at the festival in 1992, Douglas referred to himself as an “expert” at intimate scenes. He delved into the intricacies of a love sequence from the provocative classic, demonstrating his familiarity with such scenes. Douglas is renowned for his roles in other explicit thrillers like Fatal Attraction (1987) and Disclosure (1994).

Douglas proudly acknowledged his track record of working with talented actresses, stating, “I am proud of the fact that, in my history with women in films, most of them have given their best performances.” He recalled the process of rehearsing intimate scenes with his co-star Sharon Stone for Basic Instinct, highlighting their collaboration in bringing the film to life.

He explained what it takes to become the “expert” he is.

According to the acclaimed star, the key to successfully executing intimate scenes in movies is rehearsal. Drawing a parallel with fight scenes that require choreography, he emphasized the importance of working out the movements gradually. The actors establish a rhythm and gradually increase the pace.

Douglas also highlighted the significance of respecting his co-stars, particularly during love scenes. He acknowledged that in his earlier films, intimacy coordinators were not as prevalent as they are now. Therefore, he would communicate with his co-stars beforehand, ensuring their comfort and consent. Clear communication would involve discussing specific actions, such as hand placements and kissing, in a respectful manner.

In his view, the process of filming love scenes is well-organized and choreographed to ensure the comfort and boundaries of all involved.

Reminiscing about the controversial movie Basic Instinct

Reflecting on the premiere of Basic Instinct at Cannes many years ago, the actor shared that the Paul Verhoeven-directed film elicited shocked reactions from the audience.

Douglas remarked on the usual expectation of bringing an interesting film to the festival and acknowledged that he had different experiences in the past. Basic Instinct, however, stood out as a particularly unique and provocative film, even by French standards. The actor described the overwhelming experience of seeing the explicit love scene on the enormous screen at the Palais Festival, which left a lasting impression on many attendees.

After the screening, Douglas recalled a subdued atmosphere during a quiet dinner, with everyone seemingly processing the impact of the film. Despite the intense reactions, he characterized the whole experience as enjoyable, recognizing the controversial nature of Basic Instinct while appreciating the significance it had within the festival context.


In addition, the esteemed 78-year-old artist was bestowed with the prestigious Honorary Palme d’Or award at the festival, acknowledging his outstanding contributions to the film industry.

Preview photo credit Basic Instinct / Carolco Pictures and co-producers, STEFANO RELLANDINI/AFP/East News


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