My Ex Demands Me for Child Support for a Kid That Is Not Mine, My Family Is on Her Side

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4 months ago

A man has recently posted on Reddit about his very complicated family situation. He wrote that he and his ex parted ways a long time ago, and since then his life has been thriving. But now, his ex wants him to pay child support for a kid, for whom he isn’t even a bio father. What makes the situation even worse, is the reaction of man’s parents, who were supposed to be on their son’s side, but things took a really dramatic turn.

The man ended a toxic relationship, but it’s chasing him.

A man came to Reddit with an intricate and very sad situation that he encountered in his life. He started his post saying that some years ago, he dated a girl, the relationship was bad, she was very controlling and toxic. It ended up really bad and they broke up.

The man wrote, “I kept going on with my life, and after some years I got a decent job, enough to solve all my needs, have a comfortable life and make some savings.”

But his past relationship was over only for him. He revealed, “The thing is, a couple months after getting my job, my ex contacted me, she first asked me to talk, I believed that she may want to reconnect or something, but she showed up with a 5-year-old child, claiming he was my son and demanding for child support.”

The man said that he didn’t believe her, but the child age matched the time since they cut contact. He got advice from a lawyer (a friend of his) to try to solve this out of the court. He then offered to take responsibility, pay all the costs and being an active part of the kid’s life, only after taking a DNA test.

The man wrote, “Everyone was ok with this except for my ex. She acted offended and demanded to ‘just give her the money she deserved.’ She used all the excuses she could, even contacted my family and told them I was trying to avoid taking responsibility of her child.”

The man goes on, saying that then she ran out of excuses, and the DNA test was finally made, and he was not the father. She was so mad with the result, and cried about the money, saying it was unfair and she deserved it. But she didn’t get anything.

The man was expecting a normal reaction from his family, but things went not by the plan.

The man wrote that last week, there was a little party in his parents’ house. His brother, a friend and the man himself were talking, and his brother started to joke about the situation with his ex. His friend and the man started to joke about it too, some of their comments were a little dark and bad, but they were far away from the rest of the people, and nobody else could hear them, at least that was what they thought.

The man wrote, “We were laughing like crazies when my sister appeared very angry and pushed me against the wall. She spied after us and heard our conversation, and she was really mad. She started to yell at us about how horrible people we were for mocking at a poor woman.”

The man continues his story, saying that a few hours later, when the party ended, his sister asked him to go to the kitchen with their parents, and she started to say how awful he was for the previous situation. Apparently, his ex had been in contact with her, and she believed her version, and that was her way to have an “intervention”.

The man wrote, “My brother and I were like, “Are you serious?” when she started to say how I “forced my ex into being a single mother” and that “I have the moral obligation to help her.” My dad only said that we maybe were being too cruel making jokes of her, but that I wasn’t responsible for that kid. My mom then surprised all of us when she said, “Even if the kid is not yours, you are making more than enough money to support that child, you should have helped her.”

The whole situation is getting even more unhealthy.

The man continues, saying, “Since then, I had been receiving texts, my dad and my brother are on my side, saying I’m not responsible for her, but my sister is telling me how horrible I am for ruining their lives. My mom only said, “It’s your decision and I respect it, I’m just very disappointed that you ended up being so selfish.”

The man is sure that his ex doesn’t deserve his money, and he’s not planning to give her any, but the constant intervention from his sister trying to guilt him is exhausting for him.

He did some research, and he found out that, shortly after they broke, his ex started dating another guy. They broke some weeks later, and she had multiple dates until she found she was pregnant. The man also found out that she had been trying to “find a father to her kid” for the last 2 years, and he was the next on the list, but looks like she was desperate now, because she was never that aggressive with anyone before.

An unpleasant incident happened right after his ex’s claims.

The man wrote, “Some days ago, my ex and my sister came to my workplace. They made a big sign with my face, that says ‘he abandoned his child’ and ‘irresponsible father’, and started a drama, saying all their stuff. Their intention was to shame me and use the social pressure to force me to take charge of them (they literally said it). They were taken out of the place. I got problems for that scandal, even after showing all the proofs and legal documents that showed they were lying, I was told that this must never happen again, or I’ll be fired.”

After that the man contacted his friend, the lawyer, and they are now making a very long and detailed paper against them (his ex and his sister too). He honestly thinks they went too far, and now he’s going against them with everything. He honestly believes that this would make them stay away from him and just leave him alone.

And here’s yet another dramatic story, this time a woman was asked to do a paternity test for her husband’s kid, and she made a very tough decision.


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