“My Husband Gave Birth to Our Children,” a Wife Shares the Bitter Hate They Faced Due to Their Family History

7 months ago

A couple happily welcomed two kids to make their family complete. But, they never expected that choosing this different path to start their non-traditional family would bring on a wave of criticism and negativity from others.

How their pregnancy journey started.

Tori and Syven’s experiences as transgender individuals were a crucial part of their story. Syven shared how becoming a parent had seemed like an impossible dream because of his extended use of testosterone. He honestly admitted that, given the long duration of testosterone use and the extended time it took to conceive, he had real doubts that it would ever happen.

Syven disclosed he was designated female at birth and embarked on his transition at a remarkably early age, around five or six years old. This deep self-awareness motivated him to take the brave step of aligning his identity with his authentic self. “My transition journey was easy because I knew. Hard because of the stuff you have to deal with when you’re going through your transition,” he said.

Tori, who was assigned male at birth, began her transition when she was about 18 or 19 years old. Her experience involved transforming her physical appearance and dealing with the emotional ups and downs of societal judgment, as well as shifting relationships with friends and family.

Parenthood has always been something they had dreamed about. Thus, finding out they were expecting was an incredibly special moment for the transgender couple. Syven, especially, shared how overjoyed he was, recalling the sheer emotional happiness he felt. Their journey into parenthood highlighted their strength, love, and unwavering commitment to embracing their true selves and the joys of family life.

Starting a family together

On September 4, 2023, Tori and Syven became parents. Tori, who had always dreamed of being a parent, proudly introduced their one-year-old son, Prophet, and their one-month-old daughter, Wynter, in a candid YouTube video that Tori started by saying “My husband gave birth to our children.”

Talking about their unique experience, Tori added, “I never thought natural conception was possible.” Syven shared that despite the challenges, his pregnancy experience was “perfect.”

Throughout their journey into parenthood, they found comfort and strength in their roles as parents. Syven cherished the chance to dress their son, Prophet, in a way that celebrated his identity and passed on valuable life lessons. He expressed his love for being a dad, emphasizing the joy of teaching and protecting his children as he saw fit.

However, the couple faced heavy criticism.

However, the unexpected judgment from others really bothered Tori and Syven. Syven honestly said, “I just didn’t like feeling judged.” Tori admitted it had been a scary experience for them both.

When they shared their pregnancy news with the world, they received mixed reactions. Many people mistakenly believe that transgender individuals can’t have children. Syven vividly described the discomfort of sitting in a doctor’s office surrounded by pregnant women who couldn’t believe a man could be pregnant. Tori added that although people often stared, smirked, and giggled at them, they rarely spoke directly to them.

In response to the negative comments and judgments, Syven and Tori decided to ignore them and focus on raising their children to be happy and successful. They stressed the importance of a loving and nurturing home environment, emphasizing that it all starts with the family.

They aren’t the first transgender couple to welcome a baby into the world, much like this transgender dad who is embracing the experience of breastfeeding his child and finding joy in the journey.


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