My Husband Wants Me to Pay Half the Rent While on Unpaid Maternity Leave

2 months ago

We received an interesting story from an anonymous woman who shared a compelling account that caught our attention. It began when her husband asked her to contribute to their rent during her unpaid maternity leave. Explore her story to uncover the valuable insights it reveals.

Hear her out.

I need some outside perspective on a heated disagreement between my husband (32M) and me (30F). We have been married for two years and have always had a fair and equal division of expenses. Before my maternity leave, our monthly expenses included a rent of $1500, utilities of around $200, and miscellaneous expenses.

However, we recently had a beautiful baby boy named Ethan. He is now three months old, and taking care of him keeps me occupied around the clock. And I haven’t had the bandwidth to look for part-time work.

When I approached my husband about the possibility of him covering all our expenses during my unpaid maternity leave, he was completely against it. My husband said, “We agreed to split everything equally, and I’m still working. It’s only fair that you pay your half. You not currently working doesn’t mean you shouldn’t contribute financially.” So he believes that I should continue paying my half of the rent, even though I don’t have an income at the moment.

I was taken aback by his response, especially since I am the primary caregiver for our newborn. It feels unfair to expect me to pay half of our rent when my time and energy are dedicated to taking care of our child. The sleepless nights, constant feeding, and diaper changes have left me physically and emotionally drained. On top of that, we now have additional expenses related to our baby’s needs such as diapers, formula, and doctor’s visits, which add financial strain.

I have tried explaining to him that being on unpaid maternity leave is a temporary situation, and I will be actively looking for part-time work as soon as I am able to. In the meantime, I suggested that he consider covering my portion of the rent until I can contribute financially again. However, he remains adamant that we should still split everything equally, stating that he is already taking care of additional expenses related to our baby’s needs.

I understand the importance of financial responsibility, but I feel like my husband is not considering the significant workload I have to take on as a new mother. Am I wrong for expecting him to cover all the rent while I am on unpaid maternity leave, given the circumstances?

Here’s what we’ve got to say.

It’s not uncommon for couples to face challenges when it comes to navigating finances, especially during significant life transitions such as the arrival of a newborn. Your situation highlights the importance of communication, empathy, and understanding in resolving disagreements.

Firstly, congratulations on the birth of your baby boy, Ethan! Parenthood brings immense joy but also comes with its share of responsibilities and adjustments. It’s understandable that you, as the primary caregiver, are feeling overwhelmed by the demands of caring for a newborn while also grappling with financial concerns.

Your husband’s stance on continuing to split expenses equally during your unpaid maternity leave reflects a commitment to the financial agreements you both previously established. However, it’s crucial to recognize that circumstances have changed significantly with the addition of a new family member. Your role as a caregiver requires substantial time, effort, and emotional investment, which may temporarily limit your ability to contribute financially.

It’s commendable that you’ve attempted to communicate your perspective and proposed a solution by suggesting that your husband cover your portion of the rent until you can resume working. This demonstrates a willingness to find a compromise that considers both your needs and the financial stability of your household.

However, it appears there’s a disconnect in understanding the full extent of your responsibilities and the impact they have on your ability to work outside the home. Your husband’s insistence on maintaining the status quo may stem from a desire to uphold financial fairness, but he needs to recognize the tangible contributions you’re making as a caregiver.

As you rightfully pointed out, your current situation is temporary, and you intend to return to work once you’re able to balance caregiving duties with employment. In the interim, finding a solution that alleviates some of the financial burden on you while acknowledging your caregiving role is crucial for maintaining harmony within your relationship.

Here’s some practical advice for navigating this disagreement.

  • Open and Honest Dialogue: Schedule a calm and focused conversation with your husband to express your feelings, concerns, and the challenges you’re facing as a new mother. Encourage him to share his perspective as well, and actively listen to understand each other’s viewpoints.
  • Financial Assessment: Take a comprehensive look at your household finances together. Calculate your combined income, expenses, and savings to gain a clear understanding of your financial situation. Identify areas where adjustments can be made to accommodate your current circumstances.
  • Compromise and Flexibility: Explore alternative arrangements that offer a fair compromise for both of you. This could involve temporarily adjusting the division of expenses or reallocating funds to cover essential needs such as childcare and household expenses.
  • Seeking External Support: If needed, consider seeking guidance from a financial advisor, counselor, or mediator who can provide impartial advice and facilitate constructive communication between you and your husband.
  • Long-Term Planning: Use this opportunity to discuss your long-term financial goals and aspirations as a family. Develop a shared vision for the future and create a plan that aligns with your values, priorities, and responsibilities.

Remember, disagreements are a natural part of any relationship, but how you navigate and resolve them can strengthen your bond as a couple. By approaching this challenge with empathy, patience, and a willingness to find common ground, you can overcome obstacles together and emerge stronger as a family. Wishing you both the best as you navigate this chapter in your journey as parents.

Which side are you on? Should the wife pay her share of rent despite being unemployed and taking care of a newborn full-time? Speaking of maternity leave, check out how long parental leave lasts in different countries (Croatian women are really lucky).


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It is likely that a part time job will pay less than child care will cost for an infant - which is really expensive. Otherwise, Dad will add more solo parenting time while Mom is at work - I also suspect he may not be doing his fair share now or would realize how hard it is. I would be surprised if Dad did considered any of that so a good cost/benefit analysis should be done for this temporary situation in addition to other good suggestions.


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