Paris Hilton Shares a Video of Son Phoenix in a Cookie Monster Costume, and People Are Obsessed

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7 months ago

Despite facing criticism regarding her son’s appearance, Paris Hilton remained unfazed. Instead, she continued to share glimpses of her son Phoenix on social media, disregarding the negative comments. Her latest post absolutely conquered the hearts of her followers, featuring her little boy dressed in an adorable costume.

Paris Hilton uploaded a video of her son in a new costume.

A well-known TV figure and entrepreneur delighted her followers by posting photos and an endearing video featuring her young son, Phoenix, dressed as a Cookie Monster from Sesame Street. She captioned her post, “I think I might have an addiction to baby costumes. I can’t help it!” Behind the camera, Paris could be heard saying, “Do you like that? Yeah? That’s you.”

Young Phoenix received many compliments from the fans, “His sweet face is so precious and looks just like his momma!! What a CUTIE!!!” However, his costume became the show’s real star, “That looks like the most cozy Cookie Monster ever!”

Some people also praised his mom, “I always knew Paris would make a great mother and wife someday.” Another person wrote, “You inspire me! And your child is an angel. So beautiful.”

Previously, there was a wave of concern regarding Phoenix’s well-being.

In January of this year, Paris Hilton embarked on her journey into motherhood, welcoming her beloved son, Phoenix, into the world. The joyous announcement of her baby’s arrival caused an overflow of love and warm wishes from admirers and fans around the globe.

Over the past year, Paris Hilton has offered glimpses into the cherished moments of her life with Phoenix, allowing fans to witness their beautiful bond. The touching post dedicated to her baby boy evoked a varied response within the comments section. A fraction of commentators raised concerns about his welfare, urging Paris to seek medical help for him.

One comment wrote, “You need to give your baby tummy time. He is already showing signs of a flat head.” Another word appealed directly to Hilton: “Phoenix is extremely cute, but please consider having him check.”

She decided to address the concerns.

Paris Hilton took to social media to defend her baby boy against comments regarding his head size. Addressing the negativity, she expressed her disappointment and reassured everyone that her child was healthy. On TikTok, she stated, “There are some sick people in this world. My angel is perfectly healthy,” adding, “And yes, of course, he has been to a doctor, he just has a large brain.” Her response aimed to put an end to the unfounded criticisms and reaffirm the well-being of her son.

We sometimes tend to pass judgment hastily, especially when it concerns children — a susceptible subject. What might appear abnormal or concerning at first glance could, in fact, be perfectly normal. Children are unique individuals, each with their own distinct developmental paths.

Preview photo credit parishilton / Instagram


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