People Share 15 Weird Childhood Rules Their Family Considered Normal

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4 years ago

Every family has its own principles when it comes to raising kids. It’s not for nothing when people say, “My house means my rules.” Of course, there are things that each parent demands from their kids like for them to not put their fingers in electrical sockets, regularly brush their teeth, and let their siblings play with their toys. All of these are basic rules that are connected with the health, safety, and socialization of children. However, some parents decided to not stop at this and added to their rules until it became absurd.

We at Bright Side asked social media users about which strange house rules they had to follow in childhood. Turns out, many of them grew up with harsh limitations. And many of these rules were introduced by adults on totally unexpected things like reading, for example.

  • If people were kissing on the screen, my mom would freak out and run to cover the TV with a pillow, and go “blah blah cough cough” loudly until it was over. © Dameunbatido / Reddit

  • No earphones. Music should be played out loud so they can hear it, to make sure nothing is inappropriate. © Asher Blyz / Quora

  • I had to always eat everything on my plate “because there were children starving in other places.” I still don’t know how being forced to eat was helpful to starving children! © Christine Zacharda / Quora

  • I was literally told by my best friend’s dad that I was only allowed to eat popcorn one kernel at a time. © CallMeRawie / Reddit

  • I was forbidden to wear any jewelry in childhood (like all those plastic rings and bracelets) because if they had allowed me to do it, I would have started to wear Gypsy-like clothes, go to the jail for stealing things in trains, and all my fingers would have been covered with tattoos. © Omia / Pikabu

  • There was a time when my parents wouldn’t allow me to drink while eating. They would say I fill my stomach with tea and that’s why I had to eat first and then drink, so I wouldn’t claim that I was full and didn’t want to eat anymore. I had to swallow the food with a lot of effort to finally make a couple of swallows. © HereshNeale / Pikabu

  • When I got in trouble I was put on “reading restriction” as a punishment. I loved to read as a kid (still do!) so it was an effective punishment at the time. © CharlieChooper / Reddit

  • If I didn’t get As in school, I wasn’t allowed to eat at the table. I legit thought this was normal until I had dinner at a friends’ house who would always get bad grades. His parents were so supportive and loving. © GreatGooseGimbo / Reddit

  • My granny didn’t allow me to walk around the apartment while stepping on my heels. I could only walk quietly on my toes. Moreover, every plate and cup had their own spot and it was forbidden to even put them incorrectly, with their handles looking in the wrong direction. © SkazkaSoap / Pikabu

  • In childhood, I was forbidden to drink juice or other drinks because of the sound. My father would always tell me that there’s no way he was going to buy me a pack of juice and listen to the “sound of poverty.” I still feel uncomfortable when I drink up the last drops. © Overhear

  • My parents didn’t let me celebrate my birthday in childhood saying I was too young and I could start doing it when I turned 20. That’s why I once went to the birthday of a girl who had the same birthday as I do. I have never had such a sad birthday since then. It felt like the birthday was mine but all the congratulations were for the other girl. © Overhear

Did your parents or other adults make you follow weird house rules? What usual and harmless things are considered taboo in your house?


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