Photographers Teamed Up With a Hairstylist to Create 14 Images That Show Black Girls as Disney Princesses

3 years ago

Regis and Kahran are photographers who mostly work with kids and families, and who like to capture “under-celebrated beauty.” Together with hairstylist LaChanda Gatson, they created a photo series that reimagines the traditional princesses, showing African American girls as “black urban royalty.” With their project, they want to tell more girls around the world that they can be princesses too.

We at Bright Side couldn’t take our eyes off of these stunning girls in this photo series. And we really hope this project reaches as many young ladies as possible!

1. Elsa

2. Rapunzel

3. Moana

4. Ariel

5. Jasmine

6. Snow White

7. Shuri

8. Pocahontas

9. Tiana

10. Anna

11. Aurora

12. Nala

13. Cinderella

14. Belle

Who is your or your children’s favorite princess? Have you or your kids ever dressed up as them? We’d love to see your photos!


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she is beautiful
cinderalla and jasmine are my favorite


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