Why Firstborn Children Are More Successful Later in Life, According to Experts

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10 months ago

Elon Musk, Richard Branson, and Jeff Bezos are all first-borns who have risen to great heights as CEOs. First-borns often receive extra attention, guidance, and responsibility from their parents, shaping them into leaders with a strong work ethic. It’s no surprise that these qualities can shape their character, ambition, and drive to success.

Birth order differences start early.

You can notice differences in birth order even before children turn three years old. These differences affect how children grow physically and socially, and they become more noticeable as they get older. Test scores in areas like talking, reading, math, and understanding also show these differences based on birth order.

First borns might have higher IQs.

Research shows that first-born children tend to have better thinking skills than their siblings. This is because they receive more mental stimulation from their parents during their early years. The study found that even at the age of one, first-borns perform better than their siblings in IQ tests.

They are more likely to be leaders.

Firstborn children often gravitate towards leadership roles. In fact, if you happen to be a firstborn, your chances of becoming a founder are significantly higher—55 percent more likely compared to the general population. And if you come from a family with two children, the effect becomes even more pronounced. In such cases, you are 63 percent more likely to become a founder than the second-born child.

Youngest siblings are often the funniest.

The youngest siblings often have special qualities that make them naturally funny, intuitive, and charismatic when compared to their older siblings. They learn to use charm as a way to handle conflicts. Psychologists call this a “low-power strategy,” and it becomes a valuable tool for youngest siblings to succeed in their social interactions.

Whether they are firstborn or lastborn, children of all ages are capable of engaging in various shenanigans that can drive their parents crazy. However, if you manage to capture these moments on camera, they can become precious memories that you will cherish and laugh at in the years to come.

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