Scientists Found Out Why Clever People Find it Difficult to Fall in Love

8 months ago

Love is not always easy to comprehend, even when it’s your own feelings. Today, Bright Side offers you an intriguing speculation that will probably help you look at ordinary things from another perspective.

So why do clever people find it so hard to get involved with another person?

1. They analyze feelings — both their own and other people’s.

Clever people are brilliant at collecting information and drawing conclusions — and this is both an advantage and disadvantage because they are more prone to running away from a relationship at the first sign of a problem. Misunderstandings? Fights? Sorry, we’re not made for each other. Bye!

2. They need enough time to open up to another person.

The brain never stops working, and it never ceases to uncover a multitude of details and reasons why something can go askew. As a result, intelligent people find it difficult to open up to others: they know and understand that any relationship is a risk. That’s why they often seem too cool and detached, while not necessarily being so.

3. They defer to previous experience.

This is another trap for smart people. Things that ruined their previous relationships are not bound to do so with the next one, but it’s hard for them to realize this. They remember well how painful it was to break up last time, and they unconsciously project their unfortunate experience onto the person they are with now.

4. Being single is a conscious choice of theirs.

That’s a fact. Clever people see clearly that it’s better and more comfortable to be single than together with a person who is ’not theirs.’ This is their conscious and well-thought-out decision. Most of the time these people are alone not because of their circumstances but because they want to be so, and they feel great being one with themselves.

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