Scientists Reveal the 9 Places Where It’s Not a Good Idea to Keep Your Phone

Today it is difficult to find a person without a phone. And the number of cell phone users worldwide is rising! We are attached to them and keep them in our hands. We take them with us everywhere, even in the shower and in bed. However, keeping your phone in some places can be dangerous for the device and for your health.

Bright Side created a list of 9 places where you shouldn’t store your cell phone. Read to the end of the article to find out why you’d better not charge your phone near a bed.

1. Back pocket

It’s certainly very comfortable to carry your phone in the back pocket of your pants. But by choosing this place, we can face the following problems:

  • Phones have touchscreens, and they react to more than just fingers. For this reason, it’s very easy to dial an emergency number and not even know about it. 30% of calls to 911 are accidental.
  • Do you often feel pain in your buttocks and legs? This can also be a consequence of having the phone in your pocket.
  • It’s also easy to forget about the phone and break it or lose it.

2. Front pocket

Men don’t carry bags, so it’s more convenient for them to put their phone in a front pocket. But men’s health can suffer because of that. Studies have proved that the electromagnetic radiation of a phone adversely affects the quality and quantity of sperm. The longer a man keeps a phone in his pants, the higher the risk.

3. Bra

In medicine, there is still no consensus about whether cell phone radiation causes cancer. But according to some scientists, a phone in the bra increases the risk of breast cancer. So it’s better not to keep it there.

4. On your hip

According to research, carrying your phone near your thigh weakens the hip bones. So take care of your bones, and put the device in a dense bag.

5. Against your skin

Don’t keep your cell phone against your skin. When you do this, bacteria from the screen and the phone buttons are transferred to the skin of your face, and the electromagnetic radiation is even closer.

6. On the charger

No, charging the phone doesn’t harm your health (except for electromagnetic radiation if you are close). But it’s better to not leave your cell phone charging overnight. This can shorten the life of the phone’s battery and reduce the battery’s efficiency.

7. Cold places

If it’s cold outside and the temperature drops below zero, take care of your phone. Don’t leave it for a long time in the street or in the car. The temperature difference is very harmful to gadgets. When you bring your device back into a warm place, condensation forms, and this can lead to problems with the internal details of the phone. If you often go outside in the cold season, buy a “warm” phone case.

8. Hot places

High temperatures are also harmful to electronics. In hot weather, it is not recommended that you leave your phone in the car or on the beach. Also, it is better not to keep it next to the oven.

9. Under your pillow

Don’t store your phone under your pillow. There are several reasons for this:

  • At night, notifications often come in, making the screen glow. Extraneous light affects the production of melatonin and this can lead to problems with sleep, which is very important for the body.
  • Over long periods of time, electromagnetic radiation causes headaches.
  • There have been cases of phone explosions and fires. When covering your phone with a pillow, you increase the chances of this. A phone gives off heat when charging, and the heat will not be able to escape from under the fabric of a pillow. It’s better to charge it away from you, your bed, and other people.

These tips may seem surprising, but your health comes first. Share this article with your friends — they have to know about it.

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Please note: This article was updated in August 2022 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.
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