Strong Women Would Rather Be Single Than Waste Time on People Who Don’t Deserve It

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4 years ago

Single woman are still looked upon poorly by society. Because of this, many women decide to stay in toxic relationships that make them unhappy, because they are afraid of being alone and criticized by others. But there are some women who choose to remain alone because they have decided to spend time on themselves rather than having a relationship, even if they have to struggle to do it. These strong women know what they want and never compromise when it comes to themselves.

Bright Side has decided to try to understand this on a deeper level and here we list some of the reasons why alpha women often prefer to be alone.

1. A strong woman is always the priority, never the option.

A woman nowadays knows how to enjoy her own company, rather than devote her time to a man who does not deserve it. She knows she must always be the priority for her man and never the option. She is not satisfied with a man who treats her well only when he wants to get something from her or that does not make her feel loved, protected, and emotionally rich.

2. A strong woman prefers to focus on improving herself.

A woman may decide to remain single for a period of time, especially if it’s to focus on herself and improve herself. First and foremost, she evaluates her personal growth and her success at work is a very important part of that growth today. So taking some time to acquire a degree or a promotion is one of the reasons why strong women sometimes give up having a relationship.

3. A strong woman refuses to be with a man who does not let her be herself.

She doesn’t need a man to tell her how to dress or try to shape her into something he needs. Modern women are not afraid to enjoy their own company, rather than those who don’t like them for who they truly are, flaws included.

4. A strong woman refuses to spend time in bad company.

An independent woman prefers to enjoy a good dinner and a movie on her own, rather than with a man who sees spending time with her as an obligation to fulfill instead of a pleasure. The same goes for men who she feels she has nothing in common with.

5. A strong woman prefers to sleep alone, rather than wake up next to a stranger.

She is not afraid of going to bed and waking up alone, rather than getting up one morning with a man who she no longer recognizes, after she thought she knew him so well. A man who is no longer the one she fell in love with or who feels like a stranger for whom she no longer means anything is a complete turn off to her.

6. A strong woman is not afraid to make mistakes.

She knows that making mistakes is part of life and that every mistake teaches us something about ourselves and helps us improve. But no woman wants to be with a man who begs for love and attention or a man who deceives her with empty promises and who will be forever immature.

7. A strong woman does not allow herself to be treated as an object.

An independent woman does not accept being with a man who only sees her external appearance and treats her as an object, instead of a person to love and desire. She needs a man who connects with her, not only physically, but also mentally.

8. A strong woman needs a man that she can talk about her problems with.

She is not interested in having a man around her who is only physically present in their discussions, but who ignores her, thinking that what she says is boring. A man who does not respect her ideas, opinions, and attitudes, who always tries to change her mind about what is right and what is wrong, and with whom it is impossible to have a constructive conversation is of no interest to her.

9. A strong woman is not afraid of crying, but of being hurt by the wrong man.

Tears do not make a woman less strong, but a strong woman will never accept being with a man who does not care about hurting her feelings. A man who doesn’t treat her with the same love, respect, and compassion with which she treats him and who prefers to come up with excuses and false promises when things go wrong can count on being dismissed.

10. A strong woman enjoys being single.

She knows that she can rely on herself, because she is enough. Being single for a strong woman doesn’t mean feeling lonely or depressed, but being able to have more time to devote to herself, to her friends, to travel, and to grow personally. She loves her independence and won’t give it up for an ordinary man.

11. A strong woman wants a strong man.

Even a woman like this has her moments of weakness and when she decides to share her life with someone, that someone has to be a man who knows how to read between the lines — when her strength is all that’s showing even though she feels broken inside. A man who is brave enough to love her for who she is, with all of her strengths and weaknesses, and who doesn’t fear her successes, but rather inspires her to be a better version of herself will win the coveted position next to her.

Do you see yourself in any of the points in this article? What other reasons do you think make some women prefer to stay alone? Tell us what you think in the comments!

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A strong woman is the one who respects and loves herself first :)


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