Tattoo Artist Chooses to Conceal Unwanted Tattoo by Inking Herself Entirely in Black

7 months ago

Kat Von D recently talked about why she decided to change a lot of her tattoos and cover most of her body with solid black ink. She posted a video on Instagram where she’s in a tattoo studio, showing off her new blackout tattoos on her belly. The video also gives a glimpse of the tattoo process and the tools used. In the caption, she answered some common questions about the ink.

Meet Kat Von D, a woman followed by Rihanna, Zendaya, Jennifer Coolidge and other celebs on Instagram.

In a recent update, Kat Von D shared that after 17 sessions and nearly 40 hours, her body blackout project is around 80% complete. She expressed gratitude to the talented tattoo artist @hoode215 at the @blackvulturegallery in Philly, where she has been consistently getting inked.

In addition, she encouraged viewers to think twice before leaving negative comments, reminding them that what one person finds ugly might be seen as beautiful by someone else.

When questioned about why she hasn’t opted for laser tattoo removal to get rid of the ink she no longer wants, Von D explained her decision.

She said she did try laser tattoo removal at first and recognized that it works. But it didn’t work well for her because she wanted to remove a lot of tattoos. Von D talked about how slow and painful the laser process is, saying it can take more than 10 sessions, and you need to wait a long time for healing between each one. So, for her, laser removal wasn’t the best choice.

The American Academy of Dermatology notes that laser tattoo removal is typically performed by dermatologists, who are the only professionals with medical training in this field. The number of sessions required for removal can be quite extensive, influenced by factors such as the tattoo’s age, the number of colors involved, its size, and other considerations.

Getting a tattoo is usually more painful than the removal process.

In her caption, Von D explained why she chose to cover her tattoos, mentioning that she had “many tattoos that represented a part of my life that no longer aligns with who I am today.” She acknowledged that some people are comfortable keeping these symbolic markers from the past on their bodies, but personally, she grew tired of waking up to them and being constantly reminded whenever she looked in the mirror.

Von D also expressed her love for the aesthetic of blackout ink, emphasizing that while she understands it’s not everyone’s preference, it brings her satisfaction to see a clean slate when she looks down at her arms.

She began covering her tattoos in late 2020 and shared that she doesn’t plan to incorporate any white-ink designs on top of her blackout tattoos.

Responding to concerns about the potential health impact of getting so much ink, Von D emphasized her nearly three decades of experience with tattoos and stated that she has never felt any negative effects. She then posed a counter-question, questioning the potential toxicity in various aspects of daily life such as the foods we eat, makeup we wear, and chemicals in cleaning supplies.

Von D suggested that there might be more important things to worry about in these areas. She asked if people are making choices like eating all-natural food, avoiding certain oils, cutting out processed foods and sugars, and using makeup and cleaning stuff without harmful chemicals. Von D wanted folks to think about these choices when thinking about the effects of tattoos.

In recent years, Von D has undergone several significant life changes, with covering her tattoos being just one of them. If you’re interested, you can also read another article about a woman whose face was tattooed against her will and how she received a life-changing offer from a stranger.

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