The Butterfly You Choose Can Reveal the Hidden Sides of Your Personality

5 years ago

Butterflies are live symbols of freedom and beauty. Many artists have used them in their works as inspiration or as the subject matter because of their strong association with freedom and their representation of nature’s beauty. Due to their nature, they symbolize change and the positive outcomes that can occur. Our subconscious mind, however, symbolizes butterflies in many different ways. It analyzes their colors, shapes, and compositions without us realizing what it means.

Here at Bright Side, we’ve created a fun personality test to see what kind of person you are based on the butterfly you choose.


You’re sensitive and honest.

If you’ve chosen this beauty, it means you’re sensitive, honest, and very romantic. You show a lot of compassion to a lot of people, even to those you don’t know, because you regularly put yourself in other people’s shoes. You’re very emotional and you always care for other people’s needs and feelings — so much so that you neglect your own feelings at times.

Helping other people is in your nature and you rush to someone’s “rescue” right away. However, you should always take care of yourself first since sharing your feelings is something that you struggle with. Not because you don’t want to, but because you feel that you are burdening others. You should always keep in mind that your problems are as important as other people’s problems and you should treat yourself just as beautifully and kindly as you treat others.


You’re peaceful.

If you chose this butterfly it means that you are a peaceful and harmonious person. You have a very calm character and a down to earth personality. One word that can define you is “balance” and you try to apply it in every aspect of your life. You believe keeping balance between your personal life and your professional life is ideal for your mental health. You deeply believe that the perfect balance is the key to happiness.

You can easily panic when you face an unpleasant situation and you lose faith quite easily without really admitting it. People around you can’t really see that since you prefer to hide your feelings and distance yourself until you deal with your own problems.


You’re a creative soul.

You are the type of person who sees beauty in everything. While many people might just see a flower, you see an entire universe through it. You like to analyze everything even when you don’t have to. Analyzing things is your way of understanding life. This also makes you a very logical person and most people see you as very mature.

At your job, you like perfection and you’d rather miss a deadline than deliver something average on time. This can make you a workaholic but it doesn’t bother you because you love what you do for work. You find joy in small things which means the world to you and you try to show that to others who struggle to understand you.


You’re ambitious.

In school, people described you as the person who’d be the most successful. Not necessarily someone who would become a millionaire but someone who is ambitious, organized and achieves their goals. You believe you have a purpose and you’re set to find it and excel at it because that defines your personality. You don’t like laziness and you associate yourself with hardworking people because that is what you can relate to. You like to feel safe and it sometimes makes you afraid of failure.

Failure is your greatest fear but through your work, you always prove to yourself that you are one step closer to your goal. Sometimes you leave your personal life aside but at the back of your mind you quickly feel guilty and try to make it up to the people you love as soon as you realize. That’s because you deeply believe that you can only share your success when you have the people you love by your side.


You’re enthusiastic.

If you’ve chosen this butterfly it means that you are a bubbly and enthusiastic individual. You find joy in everything you do and you always see the bright side in every situation. Your dream and purpose in life is to gather as many experiences as you can because you believe this is the true meaning of life. One of your greatest fears is boredom.

You believe boredom is a mental prison and being trapped in such a place while the whole world is waiting to be discovered by you is the worst thing that could happen to you since life is so small and beautiful. Even though you manage to get things done at the right time, most of the time you struggle with meeting deadlines. You try to do a number of things all at once, thus causing you to lose focus and not be productive in the end since your enthusiasm gets in the way. But since this is a huge part of your character, it is something that makes you stand out and you should accept it instead of trying to change it.


You’re a logical person:

If you’ve chosen this beautiful butterfly, it means that you’re a very logical and wise person. People around you always come to you for honest and constructive advice or criticism because you know how to separate your emotions from a situation. You don’t let yourself get emotionally involved in any incidents because you believe that will prevent you from seeing what’s right and what’s wrong. Furthermore, you put morality above all. You always strive to do the right thing because having a clean conscious is one of the things you value the most.

Which butterfly did you choose? Was the result about your personality accurate? Please let us know in the comments below.


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