The Rumored Cast of the New HBO Harry Potter TV Series Has Been Revealed

10 months ago

The confirmation of the Harry Potter TV series by David Zaslav, the CEO of Warner Bros Discovery, has sent shockwaves of excitement throughout the wizarding world. This highly-anticipated series is set to be a cornerstone of the newly rebranded streaming service, Max, which seamlessly merges the worlds of HBO Max and Discovery+. As fans prepare for this magical journey, there are several intriguing aspects to consider.

One of the most captivating aspects of this series is the promise of a fresh cast. While the original film actors will forever hold a special place in the hearts of fans, the opportunity to see new faces take on the roles of Harry, Hermione, Ron, and the rest of the magical ensemble is an exciting prospect. It opens up endless possibilities for fresh interpretations of these beloved characters, sparking speculation and debates among fans about who might step into the wizarding shoes of the iconic trio.

J.K. Rowling’s involvement as an executive producer adds an extra layer of authenticity to the series. Her deep connection to the Wizarding World and her intimate knowledge of the characters and their journeys make her a valuable guide in ensuring that this adaptation remains faithful to the spirit and essence of the original books. Rowling’s dedication to preserving the integrity of her literary creation will undoubtedly be a source of comfort to fans who hold the Harry Potter series dear to their hearts.

Beyond these rumors, there’s one TikTok user who’s boldly claimed to possess “exclusive information” about the new cast, and the Potter community is hanging on to their wands in anticipation. The anticipation is nearly as intense as waiting for your acceptance letter to Hogwarts!

1. Bronte Carmichael as Hermione Granger

Bronte, the talented British actress, has been steadily making her mark in the world of film and television with an impressive array of roles. Her career has been a journey through various genres and characters, showcasing her versatility and acting prowess.

One of Bronte’s notable roles was as Leida in Andor. This particular role catapulted her into the spotlight, as Andor was a highly anticipated and critically acclaimed series within the expansive Star Wars universe. Her portrayal of Leida, a character in a galaxy far, far away, demonstrated her ability to immerse herself in complex and otherworldly roles.

Another feather in Bronte’s cap was her role as Madeline in Christopher Robin. Bringing a beloved childhood character like Winnie the Pooh to life is no small feat, and Bronte’s contribution to this heartwarming film was truly remarkable. Her portrayal of Madeline added depth and emotion to a story that resonated with audiences of all ages.

Bronte also ventured into the treacherous political landscapes of Westeros with her role as Martha, one of Varys’ little birds, in the globally acclaimed series Game of Thrones. Her presence in such a culturally significant show is a testament to her acting prowess and adaptability, as Game of Thrones demanded performances of both subtlety and intensity.

2. Joshua Pickering as Ron Weasley

The anticipation surrounding the casting of beloved characters in the world of cinema is always a thrilling experience for fans, and the recent buzz about Joshua potentially taking on the role of Ron Weasley is no exception. Could this emerging talent be the actor who captures the essence of the youngest Weasley brother?

Joshua’s growing presence in the entertainment industry is marked by his impressive acting portfolio. While his potential role as Ron in the Harry Potter universe has generated a lot of excitement, it’s worth exploring his previous work to understand the depth of his talent.

One of Joshua’s noteworthy roles was his portrayal of John in Peter Pan and Wendy. This timeless classic demands a special touch to bring the character of John to life, and Joshua’s involvement in this iconic story is a testament to his acting abilities. His performance in this fantasy adventure promises to be a treat for audiences who are eager to see how he interprets this beloved character.

In addition to his involvement in Peter Pan and Wendy, Joshua has previously showcased his acting chops by taking on the character of Jack in A Discovery of Witches. This series, known for its supernatural elements and intricate plotlines, provided Joshua with the opportunity to display his range as an actor. It’s evident that he has the ability to tackle diverse roles in various genres.

3. Adam Driver as Severus Snape

The prospect of Adam Driver stepping into the iconic role of Severus Snape, previously portrayed by the late and greatly esteemed Alan Rickman, has ignited passionate discussions among fans and cinephiles alike. It’s a casting choice that has prompted both excitement and curiosity, and for many, it feels like the most fitting tribute to the legendary Alan Rickman.

Given the immense legacy of Alan Rickman, finding an actor who could step into his shoes without diminishing the character’s legacy was a daunting task. However, Adam Driver’s name has emerged as a compelling choice. His own impressive body of work, including roles in films like Marriage Story and BlacKkKlansman, has showcased his extraordinary talent and versatility.

Driver’s commanding presence, intense dramatic range, and ability to convey complex emotions are qualities that align with the multifaceted character of Severus Snape. It’s not just a matter of finding an actor who resembles Snape physically, but one who can capture the essence of the character and bring a fresh perspective to the role.

4. Tom Felton as Lucius Malfoy

The return of Tom Felton to the Harry Potter franchise has sent waves of excitement throughout the wizarding world, marking a fascinating twist in the circle of life. While many fans remember him fondly as the enigmatic and complex Draco Malfoy, Tom is now set to reprise his role as Lucius Malfoy, the stern and aristocratic patriarch of the Malfoy family.

Since his time in the wizarding world, Tom Felton has been busy building a diverse acting career. His involvement in various shows and films, including his role as Julian Albert in The Flash, has showcased his versatility as an actor. This transition from one beloved franchise to another demonstrates his ability to adapt to different roles and genres, further solidifying his status as a respected actor in the industry.

5. Blair Underwood as Albus Dumbledore

The viral TikTok video that set the wizarding world abuzz has shed light on an exciting potential casting choice — none other than Blair, the esteemed actor with a diverse range of roles in his portfolio, as the next headmaster of Hogwarts, Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore. Blair, at 58 years of age, brings with him a wealth of experience and talent, making him an intriguing candidate to step into the role once famously portrayed by the late and greatly missed Richard Harris and subsequently by Michael Gambon.

Blair’s previous work in a variety of film and television projects has showcased his acting prowess and adaptability. His appearances in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Three Women, and When They See Us have demonstrated his ability to tackle a wide range of characters and narratives, from the world of superheroes to gripping dramas. Now, the tantalizing question on every fan’s mind is whether Blair will take on the monumental responsibility of playing Dumbledore, a character who holds a special place in the hearts of Potterheads worldwide.

The role of Albus Dumbledore is not just any role; it’s a character of great depth and complexity. Dumbledore’s wisdom, kindness, and twinkle in his eye, as well as his profound impact on the Wizarding World, require an actor of immense skill and sensitivity to bring him to life authentically. While Blair’s potential casting raises excitement and curiosity, it also sparks discussions about how he might interpret this iconic character and make it his own.

6. Helen Mirren as Minerva McGonagall

Elizabeth Goodenough/Everett Collection/East News, © Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone / Warner Bros. and co-producers

Helen’s enthusiastic embrace of the Harry Potter series has certainly not gone unnoticed by fans of the magical world. Her eagerness to potentially take on the role of everyone’s beloved and no-nonsense Transfiguration professor, Professor Minerva McGonagall, has stirred up excitement and discussions among fans.

For those who remember Helen as the host of a quiz show dedicated to the Harry Potter series, her affinity for the Wizarding World is clear. Her knowledge and passion for the series, as demonstrated in the quiz show, make her an intriguing candidate to step into the shoes of one of the Hogwarts faculty’s most iconic members.

The idea of Helen donning a witch’s hat and cape to embody the character of Professor McGonagall is an enticing prospect. Professor McGonagall, known for her stern demeanor, unwavering dedication to her students, and her remarkable talent in Transfiguration, is a character that holds a special place in the hearts of fans. To see Helen potentially bring this character to life on screen is a thrilling thought.

7. Toby Woolf as Harry Potter

The rumor mill in the wizarding world has been abuzz with speculation regarding the potential successor to the iconic role of Harry Potter, previously portrayed by the beloved Daniel Radcliffe. All eyes are now on British actor Toby, who is purportedly in contention to wield the famous wand as the newest incarnation of the Boy Who Lived.

Toby’s rising star in the entertainment industry is evident from his noteworthy credits. His appearance in Billie Piper’s thought-provoking film, Rare Beasts, showcased his acting prowess and versatility, setting the stage for a promising career. Television audiences might recognize him from his roles in acclaimed series like Pistol and The Last Post, where he brought complex characters to life, captivating viewers with his talent.

One particularly intriguing aspect of Toby’s career is his collaboration with fellow rising star Bella Ramsay in the short film On the Beaches. This project not only highlighted his ability to connect with audiences but also showcased his chemistry with co-stars, a vital factor when considering someone for the role of Harry Potter, given the importance of the trio’s dynamic in the series.

The enchanting world of Harry Potter has cast its spell not only in the realm of fiction but also in the hearts of its dedicated fans, and intriguingly, science has uncovered something truly magical about these aficionados. So, the next time you cross paths with a Harry Potter enthusiast, you might just be in the presence of someone who’s scientifically proven to be a force for good.

study has delved into the psychology of Harry Potter fans, and the results are nothing short of remarkable. These fans tend to exhibit qualities that are undeniably aligned with the spirit of the series itself. They are often more empathetic, open-minded, and compassionate compared to non-fans. It’s as if immersing oneself in the tale of a young wizard’s journey to fight injustice and promote love and acceptance has a profound impact on one’s character.

But why does this happen? Well, the Harry Potter series is more than just a collection of books and movies; it’s a world filled with valuable life lessons. Fans of the series have not only learned to appreciate the magic within its pages but also the magic of kindness, courage, and friendship. They’ve seen firsthand how the characters triumph over adversity by sticking together and standing up for what’s right, and they’ve taken these lessons to heart.

When you encounter a Harry Potter fan, you’re encountering a member of a global community that’s committed to bringing a touch of enchantment to our reality. They often engage in philanthropic activities inspired by the series, such as raising money for charitable causes, promoting inclusivity and diversity, and advocating for social justice. These actions reflect the values instilled by the story’s beloved characters.

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I've seen Blair Underwood in several shows over the years and I can appreciate his credibility, but I'm definitely having a hard time picturing him as a very powerful, knowledgeable, charismatic, and wise old wizard. Some people may see this as the same kind of behavior as people rebuking Halle Bailey as Ariel, but I am supportive of her role. Of course, I love the Harry Potter movies the way that they are and would like for the series to be very similar to them. I just feel like it doesn't make sense. Morgan Freeman, on the other hand, would be very interesting prospect. I could even see Denzel Washington, Idris Elba, or Jeffrey Wright in the role before Blair Underwood. I wish them the best with their choices though. I am so excited to see what they make of the story.


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