This crazy road in France disappears underwater twice a day

10 months ago

Passage du Gois is a road that connects the Gulf of Burnёf with the island of Noirmoutier in France. Due to the rising tide, you can only drive along it twice a day for a few hours before it gets flooded. The rest of the time it’s hidden 13 ft beneath the waves.

Bright Side decided to share some photos of this unusual road that poses a challenge to even the most seasoned travellers.

In 1701, the natural passage connecting the mainland to the island of Noirmoutier was first indicated on a map. Around 1840, a regular service began to be provided by car or on horseback. Today, the road is around 2.58 miles long.

The seemingly ordinary road is in fact extremely dangerous. On both sides of the road there are special panels, which will tell you if the road is passable or not. And yet every year many adventurous travellers get trapped in the rapidly rising waters as the tide comes in. For those caught between the tides, elevated rescue towers are located all along the Passage du Gois. A person can climb these towers and wait until they are rescued or until the tide goes down again. You will have to say goodbye to your car, though!

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