Watch: The Real Reason Why Bus Seats Have Wild Designs

8 months ago

One thing we all notice about public buses is their crazy and sometimes really ugly seat designs. There’s this video on social media going around. It shows a bus seat in Poland, and it’s covered in a whole bunch of dust.

Someone decided to ’check’ the bus seat.

You might be wondering why we’re discussing bus seat patterns, and it’s actually quite interesting to learn about. It’s valuable knowledge for various situations, and it’s a testament to how design has evolved over the years.

Moreover, it’s a reminder of the progress we’ve made in fashion and design, leaving behind some of the less appealing styles of the past.

Bus seats are intentionally designed with unique patterns to keep them looking attractive and distract our attention from any dirt or grime that may accumulate. This creative approach helps maintain a cleaner and more pleasant appearance for passengers.

The reason appears pretty clever.

To the everyday commuter, bus seats often appear quite clean, but the reality is that there can be a hidden layer of dirt. The clever use of patterned fabrics creates an optical illusion, making it difficult to see the actual mess that might be there. It’s essentially a trick to spare us from thinking about what could be lurking on the seats.

The BBC has illuminated this issue, shedding light on the rationale behind these distinctive designs. One of the reasons highlighted is the nature of the fabric itself.

In 2018, Harriet Wallace-Jones, co-founder of Wallace Sewell, a UK-based design studio that collaborates with Transport for London, explained, “Transport for London has traditionally employed wool moquette fabric.” She pointed out that wool boasts natural flame resistance, and moquette is known for its textured surface that offers increased durability against wear and tear. This fabric typically combines cut and uncut pile, further enhancing its longevity.

First, they chose this fabric because it’s really strong and lasts a long time. Second, the colors and designs on the fabric hide dirt and damage well. There’s another issue to think about. Fashion changes quickly, so something that looks cool now might not look cool in a few months.

Before you head off, don’t forget to take a look at this article where we spill the beans more on why bus seats have patterns and share ten more cool secrets. It’s a great read, and you’ll probably find it really interesting.

Preview photo credit KubulMKM / YouTube


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