We Learned How the 3 Rarest Personality Types in the World Differ From Others

3 years ago

In the 1960s, Isabel Myers-Briggs came up with the MBTI system based on Jung’s theory of personality types. Thanks to Briggs, today, each of us can learn about our strengths and choose a career to fulfill our potential.

There are 16 personality types, but among them, there are 3 that are extremely rare. These are the personalities that are meant to change the world and inspire or terrify others, but in any case, they will leave their mark on history.

We at Bright Side found out which features and traits the representatives of these types have. And you may not know yet that you belong to one of them. Remember, while studies have questioned the reliability and validity of the MBTI system, it definitely can serve as food for thought.

1. INFJ: 1% of the world population

INFJ: Introversion, Intuition, Irrationality, Organization Skills

These people are idealists who choose global altruistic goals and stubbornly move toward them.

They’re seriously concerned about things that most people choose to not think about, like drought, hunger, or the violation of someone’s human rights. They strive to improve the situation and pursue seemingly unattainable goals. That is why they aren’t always easily understood by others.

Features of the INFJ type:

  • decisiveness and stubbornness;
  • a clear purpose and their own point of view on important issues;
  • the gift of persuasion;
  • discernment and developed empathy;
  • humanism.

Talents and professional qualities:

  • INFJs are intuitive, and they know how to understand what people feel and can predict events. They’re distinguished by their delicacy and patience in relation to others.
  • INFJs are leaders, but not commanders. They don’t seek leadership for the sake of power, so it’s easy for them to inspire people for an important cause.
  • INFJs choose companies and movements that suit their inner ideals. And if they don’t find anything suitable, they are quite capable of organizing something themselves.

Famous INFJs: Martin Luther King, Mother Teresa, Nelson Mandela

2. INTJ: 2% of the world population

INTJ: Introversion, Intuition, Rationality, Organization Skills

This is one of the most intellectually developed personality types. Usually, its representatives choose one industry and work in it for their entire lives, often becoming pioneers and making important discoveries.

These people are close to science, engineering, and internet technologies. They’re logical, meticulous, insightful, and generally successful at work. But this type has a weakness — relationships with other people. Dating, misunderstandings, and love games are not their forté.

Features of the INTJ type:

  • absolute self-confidence;
  • decisiveness and independence from other people’s opinions;
  • attention to detail;
  • strategic thinking;
  • hard work and determination.

Talents and professional qualities:

  • INTJs are good strategists, and they’re better than others at analyzing, planning, and calculating. This is the most meticulous and pedantic group among all 16 personality types.
  • INTJs are creative and rarely use ready-made solutions. They love challenging tasks and are ready to take on projects that seem impossible to complete.
  • This type is introverted. They don’t like teamwork, but they’re good at setting tasks and managing the process.

Famous INTJs: Steve Jobs, Margaret Thatcher

3. INFP: 4.5% of the world population

INFP: Introversion, Intuition, Irrationality, Spontaneity.

They have kind and modest personalities who, at first glance, may seem inconspicuous. However, after a closer look, it becomes clear how creative and determined they are.

These people begin to compose and fantasize early. Expressing their thoughts on paper is often easier for them than doing it orally. Foreign languages ​​are easy for them, and the most talented representatives of this type are even able to create their own language and an alternative world, like John Ronald Reuel Tolkien.

Thanks to a vivid imagination and an unusual perception of the world, they can become successful in many creative fields.

Features of the INFP type:

  • determination and proactivity when defending their interests and ideals;
  • vivid imagination;
  • kindness and responsiveness to others;
  • spacious mind and love for learning new things;
  • idealism.

Talents and professional qualities:

  • The main INFP quality is the gift of words. Many of them find professions related to texts and speech;
  • Representatives of this type are introverts, they are productive when they work alone or in a narrow circle of like-minded people;
  • INFPs are irrational and intuitive. They are primarily concerned with the fulfillment of their abilities, and not with respect coming from other people or a high income.

Famous INFPs: John Ronald Reuel Tolkien., J.K. Rowling, Julia Roberts

Do you see any of these traits in yourself? If not, it doesn’t matter. Other personality types are represented by many talented people who have benefited the world in many ways. Take the MBTI test to better understand yourself, your strengths, and your talents.

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INTP makes up 3% of the general population making this article incorrect


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