What 20 Animals Would Look Like Without Their Most Distinctive Features

2 years ago

Nature is a world full of beauty and color. Colors are part of the natural habitat, that camouflage or enhance the most beautiful animals on Earth. These animals are not only extremely beautiful, they also possess unique characteristics that make them easy to identify, like a zebra with its stripes, a peacock with its majestic feathers, or a butterfly with vividly colored wings. But have you ever wondered what these creatures would look like without these distinctive traits that we all know them for?

With this in mind, Bright Side imagined what some of nature’s most popular creatures would look like without their quirks. While these furry friends and happy creatures are still cute, they prove that it’s these distinctive details that make them so beloved and unique.

1. Panda

This image definitely represents us when we are sleep-deprived and 100% tired.

2. Tiger

Striped or not, the tiger remains one of the most adorable felines we have ever seen.

3. Raccoon

It seems that the raccoon has finally taken off its black mask and revealed its true identity.

4. Zebra

This zebra without stripes resembles a white horse with a short mane, doesn’t it?

5. Giraffe

Have you ever imagined what it would be like to see a giraffe without a long neck and brown spots?

6. Elephant

Fact: The elephant’s trunk enhances its beauty. It’s been scientifically proven by Bright Side.

7. Fox

Without their iconic orange color and bulky tail, the fox looks like a wolf.

8. The fennec or desert fox

It is difficult to say which of the 2 versions of the fennec fox is cuter.

9. Peacock

In the image below, the peacock only has warm colors. It’s the explosion of colors that counts, isn’t it? We still find this one amazing!

10. Penguin

On the right, we see the penguin without his famous “tuxedo.”

11. Flamingo

There is nothing to discuss here... A flamingo is not the same without its characteristic pink color.

12. Deer

This deer version reminds us of our childhood Bambi in adulthood.

13. Koala

With a big or small nose, it’s very hard to resist the charms of a fluffy koala. They’re all extremely cute! We would love to be that branch so that this Australian native would hug us too!

14. Rabbit

This rabbit with small ears is basically identical to a guinea pig.

15. Ladybug

A ladybug without its bright red back and without the black dots is not really a ladybug. It also looks a bit more like a scary insect!

16. Butterfly

The beauty of the butterfly is present in the design and the vivid colors of its wings, but it was worth checking out how it’d look like without them.

17. Clown fish

Without its distinctive white ribbons, Nemo’s cousin here looks pretty much like a goldfish.

18. Dolphin

The bottom photo in this collage shows a dolphin that has no dorsal fin. Any resemblance between this sociable mammal and a baby manatee is purely coincidental.

19. Crab

Have you ever wondered what a crab would look like without its pincers? It’s kind of strange right?

20. Dalmatian

We’re pretty sure Cruella would not like Dalmatians that much if they didn’t have those cute little spots that they’re famous for.

What is your favorite animal? What animal would you like to see without its main characteristics?

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Preview photo credit 995645 / Pixabay


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I kind of think raccoons look cuter without those dark circles :D


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