«What Are They Covering Up?» Kate Middleton’s Secret Surgery Sparks Rumors, Palace Clarifies

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Princess of Wales had a secret surgery recently. Kate skipped all the public events, but she went on a vacation. This has sparked many rumors, and now the Kensington Palace has made a statement to address them.

Kate has requested privacy.


The Princess of Wales had an abdominal surgery on Jan. 16, 2024. The palace didn’t say much about it, except that it was her choice to keep it private. They said they would only tell us more if something big happened.


She stayed in the hospital for 13 days, which is normal for this kind of surgery. She left on Jan. 29 and went home to recover. She won’t be doing any public events until after Easter.

A palace insider said that’s a smart move because rushing back to work can be bad for your health. They said we should all learn from her example.

The secrecy around her surgery created rumors.

Some people got worried about the Princess of Wales when Prince William didn’t show up at a memorial service for his godfather. They started making up all kinds of stories about her condition, even though the palace said she was doing well. «Sorry, kids, but something smells about all of this. What are they covering up,» asked a concerned fan. «So vague. The mystery is just promoting more speculation. Very strange,» added another.

A spokesperson for the Princess of Wales said they were clear from the start that she was out until after Easter, and they didn’t have anything new to share. They repeated that she was doing well, and asked people to respect her privacy.

Kate Middleton took a break from her recovery and went to Anmer Hall, her and Prince William’s place in Norfolk, with their three kids. They went there while the kids were on school break in February. A source said the Princess of Wales was feeling good, and wanted to enjoy some fresh air and family time. She was able to relax in Norfolk while the kids had fun with William.

Preview photo credit GEORGE ROGERS/SIPA/East News, GEORGE ROGERS/SIPA/East News


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