What Can Happen to Your Skin if You Quit Coffee Completely

2 years ago

Caffeine is known to benefit the skin, and it’s an essential ingredient in many skincare products. But a cup of coffee can provide important trace elements internally, and they can affect your looks in many surprising ways. Most of us have thought of giving up coffee at some point in our lives. But it turns out that your skin probably won’t thank you for cutting out coffee completely.

We at Bright Side did our research to find out how quitting caffeine may affect your skin.

1. You might get more breakouts.

Coffee has antioxidant and powerful anti-inflammatory properties that benefit your skin. Drinking coffee regularly may help reduce the inflammation that can cause facial acne, according to a study. It also may reduce skin hyperpigmentation that has a connection with inflammation.

2. It will be harder to fight cellulite.

Antioxidants in coffee also help to reduce that “orange peel” look. Caffeine causes blood vessels beneath the skin to dilate which improves overall blood flow. This, in turn, may decrease the appearance of cellulite.

3. You might experience more pigmentation.

A cup of coffee a day may help protect your skin from photoaging. Many trace elements in coffee, like chlorogenic acids, help to decrease the appearance of pigmented spots.

4. It may be more difficult to fight rosacea.

Rosacea is a very common skin condition that affects more than 14 million people in the US. It may look like small, acne-like bumps that are actually tiny blood vessels under the surface of the skin. Drinking several cups of coffee daily may prevent rosacea, according to research. Even drinking just a cup or 2 a day may help protect your skin from rosacea.

5. It will be harder to get rid of dark circles.

Coffee may also help you to forget about those stubborn dark circles under your eyes. Caffeine affects the blood vessels that contribute to dark circles, making them less visible.

6. Your skin may age more quickly.

While it is true that drinking too much coffee might dehydrate your skin, it can also protect it against sun damage. A group of researchers surveyed more than 100 women, and they found out that coffee drinkers have significantly fewer chances of developing sunspots.

How many cups of coffee do you drink a day? Have you noticed how it affects your skin?

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