What Does Your Hairstyle Say About You

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Just like our clothes and makeup, the way we style our hair can speak volumes. Different styles have different connotations, but that doesn’t mean to say you should only wear these styles if you are these things.

Today at Bright Side, we’re going to explore what different hairstyles mean, and you can see if you think these speak the truth about you. We want to preface this by saying this is just fun and creative, there’s no scientific proof behind these meanings.

1. Long and Flowy

Wearing your hair long and flowy suggests that you are a carefree and charismatic spirit. You are not interested in what people think about you. However, you are shy at times and like to feel a sense of security.

2. A Short or Pixie Cut

If you sport a short or pixie haircut, it means that you are not trying to hide away, you tackle your problems head-on. It also means that you are low maintenance. However, these styles show that you are often busy and on the go.

3. A Sleek Ponytail

A sleek ponytail means that you are daring and dominant. You’re not afraid to show people who’s boss. A slicked-back ponytail also means you are ambitious, but you can come across as overbearing.

4. Looser Ponytail

Wearing a looser ponytail means that you are an easy-going, low-maintenance person and that you have an inviting presence. It also means that you are probably active or busy as you don’t have time to spend hours on your hair.

5. Plaits/Braids

Wearing plaits or braids or integrating them into your hairstyle shows that you are an artistic person, you like to be creative. It also means that you are a down-to-earth and fun person to be around. Wearing plaits or braids shows the style of “the girl next door.”

6. Intentionally Messy Styles

Purposefully messy ponytails, plaits, and buns are all the rage right now for the effortless look. These styles mean you are carefree and laidback, you don’t care about always looking glamorous. Similar to plaits and braids, these give an impression of “the girl next door.”

7. Bob Cut

Bobs and long bobs are styles that give off an impression of classiness and effortless elegance. They mean that you are an ambitious and hardworking individual, but you also take pride in your appearance as you want to look professional.

8. Extravagant Hairstyles

Having your hair in an extravagant or eye-catching style means that you are an artistic individual that is loaded with confidence. You also crave the spotlight, you love to have all eyes on you, but you don’t care what others think of you.

9. Slicked Back Hair

Wearing your hair slicked back away from your face means that you like to have control over situations, and you like order and working on a schedule. However, you may come across as reserved and set in your ways.

10. Straightened Hair

If you straighten your hair a lot, it means that you are a go-getter and a perfectionist. You want everything you do to be the best you can accomplish. Like slicked back hair, you also like to have control over situations.

11. Curly Hair

Whether you curl your hair or have curly hair naturally and you rock it, curls mean that you are a fun and carefree individual. You are not bothered by your hair looking symmetrical and 100% perfect all the time — you’re a laidback spirit.

12. Buns

Having a bun, whether it’s on top of your head or worn loosely on the back of your head, means that you are classy but you also want to be practical by keeping your hair off your face. You’re not afraid to hide and are an honest but warm person.

Which hairstyle is your favorite and do you think it fits with your personality? Let us know!

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