What the Way You Sneeze Reveals About You

3 years ago

There are social rules when it comes to sneezing that are embedded in our culture. Completely acceptable nose clearing in Shanghai would cause people to stare at you in the UK. A report has shown that people have their own rules when it comes to sneezing, and they can reveal a lot of things about you.

Bright Side researched this topic and selected 5 different ways of sneezing that can show what special traits you may have.

The let-it-outer

These people find sneezing very enjoyable. They are usually loud and affirmative and don’t mind sneezing in pretty much any situation. These people are also assertive and self-confident and feel comfortable in social contexts.

The mousey sneezer

Mousey sneezers are shy when sneezing and usually blow their nose in a discreet way. They try to make no noise or keep it to a minimum. This person is considered to be shy, but has good manners and is aware of what is socially acceptable or not. These people are usually more sensitive to social judgment as well.

The serial sniffer

This habit is voluntary and people might find it irritating. Instead of letting the sneeze out, the serial sniffers, as the name indicates, constantly sniff so they don’t let out a sneeze by accident. These people are uncomfortable with blowing their nose in public and are socially insecure.

The ceaseless sneezer or serial sneezer

These types of sneezers do it very repeatedly and in a very exuberant way, and they also do it more than is physically necessary. A lot of people don’t find it socially acceptable and associate it with poor health and being sick.

Paranoid examiner

Paranoid examiners always look for remnants of their sneezes and nose-blowing and try to clean it up as much as they can. This type of person is sensitive about their appearance and worried about what people think of them externally.

Which type of sneezer are you? Do you agree with these theories?


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This is very silly. There are people that suffer from allergies and do every thing not to sneeze but can't avoid and sometimes are very loud. This isn't something you can control.


my boyfriend always laughs at me when i sneeze because according to him i sound like a shotgun ?


and then there is the kind of people who yell "hatshi" or w/e the sound is they make LOUDER than the actual sneeze!


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