World’s First Septuplets Are Turning 26, And Their Mom Shares Emotional Journey of Raising Them Alone

4 months ago

Doctors were convinced that this extraordinary event would never come to pass. The risks associated with a multiple pregnancy seemed insurmountable. Yet, Bobbi McCaughey defied all odds by giving birth to septuplets and raising each one despite the pessimistic forecasts. These seven siblings, the world’s first septuplets, will be turning 26 in November 2023.

Scientists doubt that Bobbi can have septuplets.

The McCaughey family, parents 27-year-old Kenny and 29-year-old Bobbi, resembled a typical American household. They already had a daughter, Mikayla, but desired to expand their family. Little did they know they would require assistance to conceive. During the fertility treatment process, the couple was forewarned about the possibility of a “multiple” pregnancy. Bobbi, mentally prepared for having two more children, soon discovered her estimate was far from reality.

Kenny vividly recalls the day he phoned his wife, eagerly awaiting news from her ultrasound scan. Bobbi’s voice trembled as he pressed for answers on the number of fetuses. Her response, “7,” left them both in disbelief, their minds racing about how to provide for this unexpected brood.

The babies were delivered with the assistance of 40 experts.

Experts estimated that even in the case of triplets, the chances of having a healthy child, free of neurological or physiological issues, were only 50%—nearly half of all multiple pregnancies ended in miscarriage.

Specialists in high-risk pregnancies closely monitored Bobbi’s progress throughout the pregnancy. Despite their constant concern, nothing went awry. Bobbi remained surprisingly healthy, even with a belly weighing 15 pounds.

The septuplets were born nine weeks prematurely in an Iowa medical center. A team of 40 experts attended to their delivery, including perinatologists, neonatologists, respiratory therapists, nurses, and anesthetists.

Bobbi’s sister had to postpone her college to help take care of the babies.

All seven infants not only survived but thrived, though they remained in the hospital for approximately two months after birth. Once discharged, Bobbi faced the monumental task of caring for her septuplets, which required 42 bottles of food and 52 diapers daily. Initially, relatives provided invaluable assistance and support.

Not everyone offered unwavering support; for every ten encouraging letters, there was at least one critical missive accusing the family of exploiting resources and indulging in extravagance. Some even showed up at their doorstep, hoping to hold the septuplets. Nevertheless, the McCaughey family persisted in pursuing a normal life under the unrelenting gaze of the media spotlight and intense scrutiny.

Two septuplets were born with cerebral palsy and underwent multiple surgeries to enable them to walk unaided. Remarkably, one of the siblings, Alexis, even participated in a beauty contest for children with special needs.

As the children grew, volunteers and babysitters lightened the load. Over time, Bobbi gradually returned to part-time work while Kenny continued his employment in a metal construction painting factory.

As they grow, they contribute to doing the household chores.

Jay L. Clendenin / Polaris Images / EAST NEWS

As the septuplets matured, they began to assist their mother with household tasks. “The girls help a lot in the kitchen. They enjoy cooking, and it’s usually edible! Their dad emphasizes the importance of hard work to the boys, whether it’s raking leaves or washing the car, there’s always something they can do.”

Dave Peterson / Polaris Images / EAST NEWS

By the time the children reached age 10, the family consumed about four loaves of bread, 11 liters of milk, and six packs of cereal per week. Bobbi learned to plan and purchase food in advance to economize. The daily life of a family of ten revolved around an unending routine. Consequently, the McCaughey household boasted two ovens, microwaves, dishwashers, washing machines and dryers, and a backyard plot for growing vegetables.

These siblings grew up with a strong work ethic, unspoiled by their unique circumstances. They excelled academically and engaged in various sports. Kelsey, Natalie, Alexis, Nathan, and Joel attended Hannibal-Lagrange University, while Kenny pursued higher education, and Brandon embarked on a military career while preparing for marriage.

Their fields of study ranged from public relations, preschool education, and sports to computer science. Kenneth acquired his trade diploma in construction.

Dad was overwhelmed and he left.


In a twist of fate, her husband made the difficult decision to leave, overwhelmed by the demands of caring for the septuplets and the associated expenses. As a result, Bobbi found herself raising her seven children as a single mother.

Reflecting on her journey during an interview with Pronto in November 2022, Bobbi shared the challenges of her children growing independent after 25 years of reliance. “It’s difficult when they no longer need you as much,” she confided.

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Please note: This article was updated in June 2022 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.
Preview photo credit Jay L. Clendenin / Polaris Images / EAST NEWS, DMRegister / YouTube


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