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16 Package Designs That May Have You Reaching for the Store Shelf Before You Can Blink

Whenever you come back home from the supermarket with a thing you didn’t actually plan on buying, gifted package designers may be to blame. It’s really hard to resist the temptation when you see a whole shelf of dairy products that feature playful cats or a cute sleepy owl that’s looking at you from a bag of decaffeinated coffee with its eyes half-closed. The power of talented designers is truly limitless.

We at Bright Side would gladly grab the following 16 goods without even thinking, and we wonder if you’d do the same if you saw them at the store.

1. Cat-themed dairy products that can line up on the shelf in the most pawsome way

2. “The holes in this Swiss cheese make it look like the cow has eyes.”

3. “These knives are packed like they’re cutting food.”

4. The owl on the decaffeinated coffee bag is half asleep.

5. This water bottle doubles as a dumbbell.

6. This paper bag shows you the best way to pack it.

7. The designs of these tea cartons make up a landscape around Mount Fuji when you put them together.

8. This box of cereal looks even cooler when it’s in a cabinet with a glass door.

9. “This carton of apple juice tells you how many glasses you have left.”

10. “The way this egg carton shows the path of a chicken’s liberation from prison to the farm.”

11. Well, at least this oat milk carton is being honest...

12. “This pack of toothbrushes is positioned so you can see them from different angles.”

13. “These baby-cut carrots with a built-in seasoning pouch that lets you coat your carrots before you open the bag”

14. The more fat there is in the milk, the bigger the cow on the carton is.

15. “This bag of trail mix comes with a compass.”

16. “The cap of this orange juice carton looks like an orange.”

When was the last time you saw a product in a package that looked so cool, it made you want to buy it immediately? Share your pics of eye-catching package designs in the comments!