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18 Designs That Are Odd and Genius at the Same Time

It seems like everything has already been created in our world and no new ideas are left. However, every day, designers prove that they still can surprise us and make extraordinary things from ordinary stuff. Although, the muse can be extremely fast, so you have to catch it.

We at Bright Side admire inventive and talented people and are sharing 18 things that were created by their hands.

1. Wise recycling of IKEA bags

2. A ghost sculpture in the castle of Vezio, Italy

3. “This emergency exit sign”

4. “I went to an old hospital in Oakland California, and the toilet seats have independently moving left and right seat sides.”

5. “A business shirt shop in London has pegs for clothes designed as collars.”

6. This baggie design

7. “A cheese cutter from the Swedish museum in Philadelphia”

8. “The department of fisheries in India”

9. “Ice cream protective seal”

10. UNC-Chapel Hill campus conceptual sign

11. “The front page of a Danish newspaper today”

12. Bags at an optometrist’s office in D.C.

13. “Paper clip bicycle racks in Washington, D.C.”

14. “This railing on the gazebo in Naples has braille describing the view for blind people.”

15. “A dry cleaning stall in Singapore that looks like a giant washing machine”

16. An optical illusion design of crosswalks

17. “This wavy designed guitar”

18. “A cartoon-style sign for a cafe”

Which design did you like the most? What would you create if you were a designer?

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