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20+ Photographers Who Got Extremely Lucky, and Their Shots Speak Louder Than Words

Learning how to take pictures is only half the battle in the modern world. You’ll need some luck to take a one-in-a-million photograph. For example, to notice perfect lines of a sailboat at sunset or take a picture of a bird with transparent wings, you should be in the right place at the right time. If you think that you can’t be surprised, then take a look at these masterpieces.

Bright Side has found 20+ photographs that combine creativity and lucky circumstance into a mind-blowing shot.

“I was lucky enough to catch this picture of a sailboat at sunset!”

Outstanding camouflage

When you realize that they know everything:

This cat has been chosen:

A universal photographer: feeds and takes pictures.

“My friend took a panorama photo and halfway through, it started raining.”

“It all happened too quickly, so I can’t tell if it was a fight or if they were making up.”

“I’m going to start with a bath, and then have a cup of coffee.”

It’s priceless to see a professional at work!

When even a lemur has found its inner balance:

“A double rainbow coming out of a rainbow-colored truck”

“A piano of puppies!”

“I’ll just sit there for a while and will be right back.”

Here comes the Boeing...

It’s just too perfect!

When you have a 5-star taxi ride:

You’ll never be bored with this chameleon:

A sunset reflection on the skyscraper, Boston, USA

Shadow play

When a bird knows its good angle:

The building looks flat from this angle:

When you’re happy about 2 things — a perfect photo and that you’re far away from that place:

Do you have good pictures we could include in our next article? Share them with us in the comments!

Preview photo credit vakula1905 / pikabu
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