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27 Pictures That Contain More Meaning Than We Think at First Glance

Pareidolia is the tendency to see something new in well-known images. This explains why we sometimes see a familiar figure in a cloud in the sky, long fingers in tree roots, or a human face in a flower. Our brains are always trying to compare the images that we see to everything we have stored in our memories.

Bright Side has collected photos of well-known objects that aren’t quite what they seem.

1. These potatoes in the bathroom remind us of a garden from a horror movie.

2. This flower pot looks scary.

3. The mixer is shocked.

4. Call the exorcist!

5. “I found a parrot in my pizza.”

6. This potato looks like a walrus.

7. What a nice coincidence!

8. A jackfruit mommy hugs its baby.

9. A koala switch

10. This cake looks like a fat eagle.

11. This dirty table looks like the moon.

12. A charming snow cockatoo

13. Do you also see a human silhouette?

14. These roots look like fingers.

15. This water bottle looks like a transformer.

16. This rotated picture of an embankment looks like a fantastic skyscraper.

17. All cat-lovers see the world differently.

18. We don’t want to see these covered bushes at night.

19. Can you see the duck?

20. This stone looks like a fairytale character.

21. This tree cut looks like an ancient map.

22. This snake has a smiley face tattoo.

23. This piece of ice looks like a sailing ship.

24. Jabba the Hutt in layers of sawdust.

25. This egg looks like a spaceship from Star Wars.

26. This light looks like the Eye of Sauron.

27. This piping plover serves as a warm cover for her kids.

Bonus: Water running onto the table? No, it’s just a bowless sink.

“I wasn’t prepared for this.”

Do you have any photos of this kind in your own collection? Share them with us in the comments.

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