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18 Pics That Prove Kids Can Take You on an Emotional Roller Coaster Ride

Thrill rides, like roller coasters, do a bunch of things to our bodies. They make our heart rates spike, they create internal confusion, and they trigger happy hormones — kind of like what parents go through on a daily basis. One minute you’re cradling your kids in your arms and relishing that sweet moment, and in the next second, complete mayhem could break out.

To prove this, Bright Side collected 18 photos that show how kids can make their parents and families laugh, cry, feel shocked, and get confused all at the same time, just by being themselves.

1. “First there was crying and then there was laughing. Much laughing. Don’t worry, the baby is fine.”

2. “I heard the robot vacuum beeping a bunch in the kitchen, so I came around the corner to find this...”

3. “My toddler and her subtle commentary on my choices”

4. “My son just told me he was tired. I guess being 3 different superheroes can take a toll on a toddler.”

5. “The chances of being attacked by a baby are low, but not zero.”

6. “She found the sunroof button.”

7. “Trying on clothes with a toddler in a nutshell”

8. “My niece drew me. I think it’s time for a hair appointment.”

9. “My 8-year-old niece wanted to watch Aliens last night. Found this in the living room this morning.”

10. “My kid helping with the vegetable garden”

11. “My son is already stealing girls.”

12. “Was moving the sound system around and noticed it was rattling.”

13. “My niece’s hiding spot”

14. “My nephew looks like an 18-month-old and a 46-year-old insurance salesman at the same time.”

15. “My son’s car ’accident’ a few years ago”

16. “My daughter suddenly ’falling asleep’ seconds after being told to tidy up her toys”

17. “My niece re-thinking her decision to give the fish a kiss before throwing him back.”

18. “We got these bathroom doors because we thought they were trendy. That was before we had a toddler.”

Do you still have the energy to keep up with kids nowadays? Do you also have a funny photo of your child that we can add to this list?

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