11 Superb Tips to Make Your Facial Skin Shine

According to studies, not caring about your looks is one sure way to keep yourself from succeeding. Our appearance is important, and facial skin can also say a lot about your condition and health. We can’t measure beauty, but we can make ourselves look well-groomed which will definitely increase our confidence.

Bright Side found 10 tricks especially for women to help your facial skin stay glowing and fresh.

1. Don’t use baby cream.

You’ve probably been advised many times to use baby cream, especially in cold weather. Yes, it makes your skin softer. But only for a short time! This is due to the fact that baby cream contains lanolin that is useful only for children because a baby’s skin cells are quickly renewed and don’t have time to produce natural protection. But this ingredient is harmful to adults.

2. Apply cream on damp skin.

After you wash your face, don’t dry it with a towel. Applying cream to damp skin is the best way to give it a moisture boost and your skin will be able to absorb more nutrition from the cream.

3. Use baking soda as a facial cleanser.

Baking soda is a universal product that you can also use as a daily cleanser or as a face mask. It is a physical exfoliant and removes the top layer of your skin without causing excessive irritation.

Here are a couple of masks that you can make with baking soda:

1. Basic mask with baking soda. To prevent acne and remove dirt and oil take a 1/2 tbsp of baking soda in your hand, add 1 tbsp of warm water, and make a paste. Before applying it on your skin, rinse your face with warm water. Now put the paste on your skin using your fingertips. Leave for 5-10 minutes and wash away. After this procedure, it is recommended to apply some hydrating cream.

2. Honey and baking soda. By using this mask you get the additional effect of the honey that helps to smooth your skin and unclog your pores. You will need 1 tsp of raw honey to mix with 1/2 tsp of baking soda. Wash your face and dry it, then apply the mixture on your facial skin and neck and massage for several minutes. Leave it on for 10 minutes and after that rinse it off with warm water.

Please, be careful with sensitive and irritated skin! It is always better to test a mask first on the skin on your hand.

4. Put your eye cream in the fridge.

You woke up again with puffy eyes and don’t have any time to prepare and apply cold tea bags or fresh cucumbers because you need to get ready work. Just keep your eye cream in the fridge and make it ice cold. It will help to get rid of the puffiness and give your eyes some nutrition at the same time.

5. Add a teaspoon of grapeseed oil to your toner.

Grapeseed oil acts as an anti-aging serum, helping the skin to regenerate and renew. Grapeseed oil is very gentle, moisturizes the skin layers, and makes the skin color more dewy and smoother. Just add 1 tsp of grapeseed to your toner and clean your face every day with this mixture. It will save you lots of money on buying expensive creams and may even help eliminate your pimple problem.

6. Use plastic wrap to get rid of blackheads.

Use this trick no later than 10 minutes after your shower or after washing your face. Apply a “thicker than usual” layer of face cream on the areas that have the blackheads.

Put a piece of plastic wrap on the area and cover it with foil. After that apply a warm towel. Wait 10 minutes and then take everything off, including the face cream that you can wipe off with a soft napkin. Rub the skin gently and start pressing down with both index fingers wrapped in the napkins.

Now the process of cleaning blackheads from your skin is much faster and much easier.

After the procedure is finished, apply some toner.

7. Wash your face twice a day.

It is a common mistake to only wash our face at night after the day is finished. It’s also important to wash it in the morning, after sleeping, because you can have some dirt from your pillow or your hair on your skin.

8. Use oil instead of highlighter.

There is no need to use a highlighter all the time to get shiny cheekbones. You can just use your favorite facial oil or serum for this purpose. Using an oil or serum can be more beneficial for your skin, make it more moisturized, and help it look more natural.

After applying your makeup, take the facial oil and put a few drops on your hand. Dab a blending sponge on the oil to pick it up off your hand. Then start tapping the areas with the sponge where you’d normally apply highlighter. Be careful and gentle not to smudge your makeup.

9. Make your own lemongrass toner.

Asian people definitely know a lot about how to look young, and they found out a long time ago that lemongrass has amazing health and beauty benefits. This toner makes the skin smooth and you can also use it if your skin is irritated and has pimples or eczema.

To make the natural toner, boil fresh lemongrass in a cup of water until it reduces in half. Allow it to cool. Then make double strength green tea and mix both liquids in similar proportions. Add 5-6 drops of essential lemongrass oil.

10. Mix crushed aspirin with calamine oil.

This is very effective against blemishes and pimples because aspirin reduces inflammation. Take the aspirin pill and crush it, then mix it with a drop of calamine lotion or oil. Apply it on the blemishes and leave it on your face for 15 minutes. After that then gently rinse it off.

11. Here's a highlighter hack for tired eye skin:

If you work a lot and don't sleep enough, the skin around your eyes probably looks puffy and dry. To get rid of this problem fast you can use a mixture of a drop of highlighter, liquid concealer, and hydrating eye cream together.

Tap the area around your eyes with this mixture and it will give the illusion of de-puffed skin. But be careful with the amount of highlighter you use!

Do you use any special tricks to keep your skin smooth? Leave a comment below and share your secrets with us.

Illustrated by Alena Tsarkova for Bright Side
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