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11 Ways to Highlight Your Waistline With Simple Fashion Hacks

Most women try to take care of their personal image, and clothes are a very important element in that task. Coco Chanel used to say that “a beautiful dress may look beautiful on a hanger, but that means nothing. It must be seen on the shoulders, with the movement of the arms, the legs, and the waist.” But highlighting the female figure with fashionable and flattering outfits can be a challenge.

That’s why, at Bright Side, we wanted to take a closer look at some tricks that can help you define your silhouette and highlight your waist with clothes almost anyone has in their closets.

1. Empire silhouette

This style is ideal for people who want to accentuate the waist without exaggerating it. It is based on a cut just below the bust that is well marked, insinuating the waist and flattering the silhouette. Its name comes from its popularity during Napoleon’s empire in France and the Regency in England.

2. Wrap dress

Wrap dresses can come in handy if you have a small waist. It’s simple, practical, and, at the same time, very feminine and flattering. It defines the figure since it is tied around the waist, and its skirt can be close to the body or looser.

3. Peplum

Peplum blouses have a ruffle below the waist, defining it and giving a romantic touch to the outfit. They are highly flattering and there is something for everyone: with long sleeves, 3/4 sleeves, short sleeves, thin straps, and even strapless. To correctly highlight the waist, the idea is to wear the peplum without overlapping other garments.

4. Trapeze dresses and skirts

This garment, also known as A-line or evasé cut, is designed around a trapeze shape and has the particularity of not being so tight to the body and not overloading the hips. The skirt is open and flared, which favors any silhouette. In addition, its soft lines provide comfort without taking away from the femininity of the look.

5. High heels

Good high heels can be the finishing touch to your outfits and will visually stylize the body, accentuating the waist even more by providing a few extra inches. In addition, they help you improve your posture when walking; if you go for nude-colored heels, they will create the visual effect of lengthening the lines of your body.

6. Culottes

Culotte pants have become very fashionable in recent years; they are wide and cut in the middle of the leg, just below the knee. They are available in all the basic brands because they are suitable for going to the office as part of a smart look and also in denim for a relaxed and stylish weekend look.

7. Body shaper

A trick anybody can use if they wear skirts or dresses is to wear an invisible body shaper under the chosen outfit. This trick will reduce the waist by one size, giving rise to the famous wasp waist. If Jennifer Lopez wears them, why not try it?

8. High-waisted jeans

High-waisted jeans, which have long been making a strong comeback on the catwalk, along with mom jeans, flared, skinny, and boyfriend versions, are the perfect cut to highlight the waist and lengthen the legs. They enhance the figure and are worn with shirts, T-shirts, tops, and sweaters, both for day and night.

9. Belts

Sometimes, people forget the importance of accessories: a good belt can give a touch of sophistication to your look while emphasizing your waist. In loose and pleated clothes, the option is to combine it with a wide belt, and in tight outfits, use a thin one. The key is to see which version best suits the selected outfit and your body.

10. Pencil skirt

This classic is ideal to mark the waist, accentuating the hourglass shape of the female silhouette. The ideal size is a few centimeters below the knee; this will achieve the visual effect of lengthening the legs, especially when combined with stilettos.

11. Knotted shirts

If you knot the ends of your shirts, you immediately get more definition in your waist. With this tip, the important thing to remember is to knot the top between the torso and the navel to highlight and balance the proportions of the body.

What is your favorite outfit that helps you look stylish and defines your waist? Tell us in the comments, and don’t forget to share the article.

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