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16 People That Had a Terrible Time at a Beauty Salon but Paid Lots of Money for It

When women go to the beauty salon to dye their hair or get a manicure, they hope that the people working there are professionals that will do exactly what the client asks. But unfortunately, sometimes the results of cosmetic procedures are very far from people’s expectations, and it’s really sad when people pay a lot of money for this.

Internet users shared photos of situations when going to a stylist turned out to be a terrible disappointment. We at Bright Side sympathize with these people because we know how hard it is to find a really good expert. By the way, at the end of the article, we’re going to show you what happens if you dye your hair at home.

1. “Paid almost $700 for this patchy and uneven balayage that took 10 hours.”

“The hairdresser called me back and apologized. They’re going to redo my hair and offered me a $200 refund to compensate for the extra time I’m going to have to spend getting it fixed, which I think is overall a fair outcome.”

2. “What I asked for and what I got...”

“I am very thankful that she did what she could and has set up future appointments for every 2 months going forward (free) so that she can do what she can to get it back to my original style but said it will take a few years.”

3. “Makeup artist left me with white bottom lashes from the pale shadow she applied on my lids for a TV commercial shoot.”

“Couldn’t fix it myself, so my lashes looked terrible during the shoot.”

4. “I paid $370 and cried when I got home.”

5. “Nail newbie — I just went to the nail salon and got a manicure with gel. It looks messy to me...”

6. “The left is what I asked for. The right is what I got.”

7. “What I asked for and what I got for $250”

8. “What I wanted vs what I got”

9. “Went to a pretentious hipster place for a pink ombre. Things did not go well...”

10. “Got my hair done yesterday. The first picture is what I asked for and the second picture is what they did. They refuse to fix it.”

11. “First-time dip! I’m not thrilled with them. I paid $ 75.”

“I messaged the woman who did it and she reluctantly agreed to refund me.”

12. “I paid over $200 for this.”

13. Expectation vs reality

14. “Paid $60 for this. I’m never coming back to that place.”

15. “I paid $85 for this. They’ve promised to fix it for free.”

16. “’Dye your hair a wild color,’ they said; ’It’ll look really cool,’ they said.”

Bonus: “I was dying my hair and I took off the gloves to get a sip of coffee and put them back on without thinking. Was not worth it.”

What has been the boldest appearance experiment you’ve ever done? Tell us in the comment section below!

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