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20 People Who Make Clothes as Good as Famous Fashion Designers

We have lost the art of making clothes at home. Everyone understands that this work requires too much time and effort. But there are still people who are not afraid to roll up their sleeves and grab a needle and thread. They even make their own wedding dresses. Some gowns have been made so skillfully, that you could never tell they’re self-made and not bought at a designer’s boutique.

At Bright Side, we admire women who have such skillful hands. Join us.

“I made a court dress from the 1670s.”

“Coat made with broken umbrellas”

“Here’s my dress! They say, it’s very Morticia Addams.”

This beauty pageant gown looks like Zendaya’s dress.

“I just finished this super flowy mermaid-style skirt knowing full well I’ll probably never be able to wear it out.”

“I decided to make my own wedding dress and today we got our photos back! I still can’t believe how well it turned out.”

“I designed an LED wearable dress.”

“I made an autumn dress. And yes, of course, it has pockets.”

“Ruffled skirts forever!”

“The 1940s dress with cape finished and out!”

“Living my Studio Ghibli fantasies”

“I put this dress off for weeks because I was nervous to work with georgette fabric. It ended up being a breeze, and one of my favorite pieces yet.”

“I made this jumpsuit for a wedding.”

“I wanted to juxtapose the sweet Peter Pan collar with an unexpected fabric.”

“This was my first time using this pattern.”

“I’m ready for fall now!”

“The reception dress I made for my friend”

“I played a concert as a soloist and I made my entire outfit. My fanciest sewing project ever!”

A 1950s style dress

“I’ve been working on my dream dress for the last month, and I finally completed it. I was inspired by Dior.”

Which of these dresses would you wear? Tell us in the comments below.

Please note: This article was updated in July 2022 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.
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