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13 Fitness Products From Amazon That Deserve Their Countless 5-Star Reviews

Sadly, many of us today are victims of buying products online only to leave them lying around the house after a couple of uses. This is especially true when it comes to fitness products, however, the ones we have selected for you today have gotten such rave reviews that we just couldn’t help but share them with you.

Here at Bright Side, we are passionate about fitness and general wellbeing, and today, we will present you with a list of products that are drowning in 5-star reviews, hoping this will help in your workout routine, and even more, push you to continue exercising regularly and reach that dream bod.

1. A progress-tracking jump rope to push yourself further every day

Promising review:

Exactly the skipping rope I want! I used to have lots of skipping ropes back at home during my childhood and schooling times, but this one is still one of the best among them. It’s even better than my expectations. Good value for the price. Clear guidance to use and easy to set or use. Does not look or feel cheap at all!:) — Iris Zhu

Buy this jump rope here.

2. A “flipbelt” to keep your belongings safe and easy to reach during a jog

Promising review:

I took a long time to take the plunge to buy this belt, but I’m now glad I did. My concerns were probably like most of you, would my precious iPod, phone and house keys be safe? The answer is an emphatic yes. My covered Sony Z2 fits with no problem, as does my iPod classic 160Gb. A key can be hooked in by a tethered retainer. I find the material to be good. I’ve yet to wash the belt, but will look out for shrinkage or colour fade. I opted for medium and find it sits comfortably without moving when running 🏃 — Brian Whitelaw

Buy this flipbelt here.

3. High-waist sauna pants to increase sweating and burn more calories.

Promising review:

Exactly how described, love them. Nice fit, sweated after my first minute walking normally on a treadmill. Waiting for results now 🙏🏻 — Ramona

Buy these sauna pants here.

4. A kettlebell grip to transform any dumbbell into a kettlebell

Promising review:

Brilliant, so good I bought two! Perfect for hex dumbells (looking at some of the other reviews, your mileage may vary with other types of dumbells). Feels very sturdy. Just adjust your stance slightly for kettlebell swings with the really big dumbells (I. E. if you were hitting the 100lbs (a little over 45 kg) weight limit). By converting my dumbbells I’ve effectively gained a huge kettlebell collection, saving a fortune and also precious space. — Mike M

Buy this kettlebell grip here.

5. A weighted fitness hoop to burn calories, improve posture, and lose weight.

Promising review:

I love it. Easy to use once you get used to it. Brilliant that it unclips, so you can take it anywhere. I used it every day for months until the osteo arthritis in my hip became too painful. I lost weight and toned up my waist, stomach, and hips (slightly) and look better for having used it. — Dawn H.

Buy this fitness hoop here.

6. A pull-up bar that you can easily set up on your door without screws.

Promising review:

I built myself a mini-gym, in my garage, during the lockdown and this is one of the pieces of kit I bought for my workouts. This is a solid piece of kit, and expands easily to fit the gap you put it in — mine’s across the door frame into the garage/gym. I’m currently doing rehab physiotherapy, strengthening muscles to support tendons and ligaments I damaged in a bike accident, and this is part of my rehab routine. I’m 16+ stone and the bar locks solidly in place and easily supports my weight. I’m not a big fan of pull-ups, but I need to do them and this is helping me get better every day and I can be confident that it won’t collapse on me! — Miles

Buy this pull-up bar here.

7. An arched mat to work on your abs

Promising review:

Perfect, just what I was expecting, not just for abs but for my gym bench as it fits perfectly. Good design, good quality. Specially designed to help a lot of beginners to do the abdominal workout without destroying their neck or back — Amazon Customer

Buy this mat here.

8. A cooling towel that stays cold for hours

Promising review:

This product is far more stylish than most on the market and comes in a range of contrasting colours. It is thicker than most other cooling scarves so to avoid getting my top very damp I fold the scarf in half and wet the middle section, which seems to work just fine. Another advantage is that the logo is more discrete and as it’s in silver, it looks as cool as the product. I tend to wear this one when I am out and have another type for when I am exercising or around the house. — JW2

Buy this cooling towel here.

9. A dumbbell that allows you to set the weight that you want.

Promising review:

Having carried out a lot of research, I finally plumped for two off sets. Having arrived encased in polystyrene, they were well protected with no signs of any damage. Once unpacked, I was impressed by the quality and sturdiness of both the weights and stand. These are solid, well-made and extremely easy to use with the gearing mechanism proving very reliable. They’re also very compact & take up the minimal amount of room. The time you save in not interchanging weights does make your workout more streamlined and effective. Would strongly recommend!! — G W Baker

Buy this dumbbell here.

10. Reflective armbands to be seen during a night run.

Promising review:

Delighted with these. I wanted armbands for running at night and these are perfect. I bought something similar a while back and really struggled to find ones that fitted for a woman, many seem suited to men’s size and just too big for me. These are really good, size adjusts just right, and they light up really well. There are 4 of them and even a spare battery. Great value for money, I would definitely recommend for runners. — Kindle Customer

Buy these armbands here.

11. A punching bag to let off a little steam

Promising review:

Great for toning upper body muscles as well as improving endurance. Since I started punching the bag, a few minutes at a time, my striking power has increased greatly. I filled the base with water for better stability, and it works well for me. — Ilze

Buy this punching bag here.

12. Bodyweight exercise cards developed by a military fitness expert

Promising review:

These are a really nice set of cards with a good range of exercises on them. None of the exercises require equipment or even much space, so there’s literally no excuse not to draw a few cards and do a little workout. The online instructional videos are very helpful in describing the correct form. There are also a lot of games described on the website which I haven’t tried out, but if I get the chance I will, as they all seem well-thought-out. — Amazon Customer

Buy these exercise cards here.

13. A 10-in-1 work out set

Promising review:

Really happy with this purchase. The ab roller is my favourite, but everything in the box is good. Decent quality and sturdy equipment. — Emma Reeve

Buy this work out set here.

Did any of these products spark your curiosity? Which ones were your favorite?

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