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15+ People Who Made Their Christmas Trees From Scraps

Each year, more and more people are looking for alternatives to real Christmas trees, searching for creative and eco-friendly ways to celebrate. From recycling the scraps you no longer need to stacks of empty pizza boxes lying around, there’s an avalanche of cool Christmas tree ideas that you can bring to life right away.

We at Bright Side were truly inspired by these 16 DIY projects, and we bet you’ll want to try at least a couple of them this Christmas.

1. These 2 Christmas trees are made from just 1 wooden pallet.

2. You can also use an old calendar and toilet paper rolls.

3. A piece of plastic pipe can also come in handy and may turn into a real tree alternative.

4. Even wood scraps can be recycled and turned into a symbol of Christmas.

5. “I decided to not buy an $80 Christmas tree but instead made my own from branches from my backyard.”

6. “A Christmas tree I made from a branch that fell in the street”

7. “A Christmas tree made from some scrap 3/4” plywood. The sections are held together with pocket screws, and the star is held by wood glue."

8. Scrap oak ply is all you need to create a festive mood.

9. “A Christmas tree created from local sea glass”

10. “Our Christmas tree this year — we made all the ornaments as well.”

11. “Here, I made a roll-tree from cardboard rolls and then worked in Christmas balls.”

12. This tree is made from random-access memory pieces, and the candy canes are paper clips.

13. Who knew stacked pizza boxes could become a perfect Christmas tree?

14. “I made a VHS tape Christmas tree this year.”

15. How about making an “invisible” Christmas tree? You’ll need a cardboard circle, some wire, and ornaments! Here are the instructions.

16. If you don’t have scrap materials to recycle, you can make a wonderful Christmas tree from the books you have!

What is the most unusual Christmas tree you’ve ever had?

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