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15 Animals Who Seem to Have Been Kissed Right on the Forehead by Mother Nature

A dog with a dazzling mane that would make even a Hollywood star envious or a rabbit that looks like a tiger — these are just a few examples of animals that seem to have jumped out from a book of fairytales. Seems like Mother Nature used a splash of creativity while creating to these bizarre, yet still very lovable, guys.

We at Bright Side can’t pass by when we see an animal that has some odd feature. We’d love for you to gasp in awe together with us, as we’ve assembled some real superstars!

1. Snoopy has that Elvis Presley look and it seems like he’s about to break into song.

2. Be careful, you can be hypnotized!

3. When nature has that extra ink and gives a puppy a pawesome birthmark:

4. This fluffy chicken spreads awesomeness all over the place.

5. This fish is definitely the winner of the “Miss Fish Universe” contest.

6. How many Dalmatians can you spot in this picture?

7. This secretary bird must have bought some very good mascara recently.

8. This turtle dove must be so proud of its rainbow outfit!

9. Boba Bear knows that he is very huggable and he is proud of his curls.

10. A blond fur seal showing off its beautiful fur color

11. These ears were meant to hear when a pack of cat food is being opened.

12. This bunny of prey tried to look terrifying, but cuteness won.

13. A real fashion girl looks stylish even on her bad hair days.

14. A pony — the dream of every little girl

15. Finn the Spaniel is such a flirt and likes to pose for pics with his natural hairstyle.

Are there any animals that you’ve seen on the internet recently that made your breath stop for a moment? Does your pet have any bizarre features that deserve to be shown in our next article? Please share your photos with us!