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17 Naughty Cats From the Dark Side That Almost Made Us Call an Exorcist

Cats can be charming, cute, loving, and sweet, but some of them just can’t stand the idea of being innocent angels. They try to use all their talent and charisma to look super-dangerous and nasty, so we just hold our breath and wait, thinking, “What’s next?”

Here at Bright Side, we got a bit scared the moment we saw these 17 quirky kitties, but a moment later we realized they’re charming felines who are only trying to look like kings of darkness.

1. He’s a silent guardian, a watchful protector, a Dark Knight.

2. If you have a closer look, it’s just a cat sitting on top of a ground light.

3. “We rescued Maggie from a dumpster, and in return she haunts us from the trees.”

4. It’s strange, but this cat looks pretty comfortable.

5. “All the normal cats out there and I find him...”

6. It looks like this innocent kitty is about to summon a ghost.

7. “The chosen one”

8. “He got his head stuck in the treat jar and now he looks like a demon.”

9. This cat must have seen something truly exciting.

10. “That’s Mo, my vampire cat.”

11. An alter ego from the dark side

12. Rising up in a ray of light

13. There are no table lamps needed when you have a cat like this.

14. A piece of fluffy evil

15. Someone please call an exorcist!

16. When the game of light and shade turns your kitty into a king of darkness.

17. That is probably the cutest vampire of the cat world.

Do you have pets? Have they ever made you think they’ve joined the dark side with their look or quirky behavior? Share the pictures of your naughty furry friends in the comments!

Preview photo credit thegoldenthumbb / Reddit
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