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18 Bright Siders Show the Bond Between Their Pets, and It’s Total Friendship Goals

The friendships between animals may seem like a myth, as it’s hard to imagine one as strong as that between 2 people, like a man and a woman. Sure, the latter may cause controversy, but animals can certainly be friends too. Fluffy, soft buddies who play with a ball, sleep, and mock their owners together are just a few examples of what we’re talking about. And if you think your pet will never accept a new animal into the family, we have some photographic proof to change your mind.

Bright Side readers shared photos of their animals who have a “purrfect” friendship. They love each other, show support, and treat each other well. And these relationships are simply the sweetest things in the world.

1. “I tried to isolate tiny kitten from my other cats but my little lady Maia had other ideas. She got into the room and I found them like this.”

2. “Raj initially didn’t like sharing his bed with the new pup Jonty. Didn’t take long.”

3. What a furry hat this doggy has!

4. “Took a severely malnourished pigeon in and my blind pigeon came over, preened him, and made him feel at ease.”

5. “My black cat, Klene, was alone and depressed. I got her a new pal, the black and white Gijs.”

6. “Animals love each other.”

7. “My 2-year-old rat and the elderly male we adopted to keep him company a few months ago — they’re firm friends now.”

8. “My newly adopted great dane pup feels down but my 1-year-old cat comforts him until he falls asleep.”

9. “Our terrier always slept on our spaniel.”

10. “My rescued baby comforting newborn, rescued kittens”

11. “Mom, I’m here with my buddy.”

12. “I took in a very sick mommy dog who had lost all her pups. 2 weeks later, I took a sick malnourished puppy in.”

13. “All we need is somebody to lean on.”

14. “My giant dog helped me raise a little lamb that was rejected by her mom.”

15. “Who brought this little monkey in?”

16. Kitty likes its bunny.

17. Cat-dog, new edition

18. Fuzziness overload!

How many animals do you have? Do they get along with each other? Show them to us in the comments.

Preview photo credit Marthesse Land / Facebook
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