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20+ Cats Who Got a Double Dose of Charm From Nature

No matter what cat owner you ask, they’ll definitely tell you that their pet is unique. And it’s not surprising because, despite all any external similarities, the character of each animal is special. Still, there are those who stand out — not only thanks to their manners but also in part to small details in their appearance that give them a truly stunning look.

We at Bright Side kept looking at these 20+ fluffies for a long time and found it really difficult to stop. In the bonus section, you’ll be introduced to Olive, a cat who has a mind-blowing look.

“My cat Domino has heterochromia that has a side-effect of light reflecting differently in each eye, causing him to look like the Terminator!”

“My vet says my cat has an abnormally long tail.”

“My roommate’s cat Callie has a spot on her foot that’s shaped like her own face.”

“It looks like my cat has full lips! Not sure but I never saw it on another cat.”

“It seems his jumps will be heard all the way in space thanks to his huge paws.”

This cat’s weirdly splotchy eyes give him a unique look.

“My cat has a chiseled jawline.”

“The white marking on my cat looks like another cat holding onto him.”

“My kitten has a bow tie on his mouth.”

This kitten with 7 beans definitely brings good luck despite its black color.

“The color of my kitten’s face is split down the middle.”

“My new kitten who can grow a better mustache than I can!”

“I want you to meet Emil. Nothing wrong with him. That’s just the way he looks.”

“This cat I met today has only one ginger paw.”

“The cat I just adopted has spot patterns that are reminiscent of Tim Burton’s Jack Skellington.”

“My friend’s cat looks like it has a Cheeto puff for a lip.”

“Came across a friendly stray cat with heterochromia.”

An angelic kitten with devil horns

“My cat Ozzy has one long, white whisker.”

“My cat has a mustache!”

“Our new kitten is so black, her features don’t show up on film.”

“My cat’s thumbs are really big.”

“The color of my kitten’s foot is split down the middle.”

This cat knows how to break your heart.

Bonus: Meet Olive — the Instagram star with a mind-blowing look

Do your pets also possess non-standard coloring or other unique features? Please show them to us in the comments!

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