20+ Men Who Adore Cats With All Their Hearts but Will Never Admit It

You’ve probably noticed that men are more conservative than women when it comes to cats. Men usually don’t show their emotions about their meowing pets. However, not every man succeeds at this, especially when their furry friend is asking to be petted.

At Bright Side, we can’t help but smile when we see how kitties conquer the hearts of stern gentlemen. So, we want to share these cute photos with you.

1. “My husband and cat share a birthday week.”

2. “One of these days I hope to find a love as deep and as pure as the love my husband has for our cat.”

3. “My husband is a cat magnet, that’s not even our cat.”

4. “The husband got up. The cat took his spot. So as not to disturb her majesty, he just sat on the floor.”

5. “My husband’s pure excitement after asking, ‘I wonder if I can hold all 3 of them at once?’”

6. “My husband has been working from home for the last year and every day he invites his ‘supervisor’ to a quick meeting where he plays mouse and bird videos.”

7. “My boyfriend has spent the last week teaching Batman the cat to high 5. He finally got it last night at around 1 a.m.”

8. “My senior cat really loves my boyfriend!”

9. “I leaned over my husband to wake him up in the dark to tell him I needed to turn on the light to get ready for work, and my necklace bonked something that ‘jingled.’ Then when I turned on the light I saw this.”

10. “Find yourself someone who looks at you the way my cat looks at my boyfriend.”

11. “My husband has to work on his lap so our cat can nap peacefully on his whole desk.”

12. “I thought I didn’t like cats for 25 years, but turns out I just never had a good one until now. Thanks to my girlfriend.”

13. “Here’s a sweet photo of my husband and cat bug hunting together.”

14. “My boyfriend recently moved in with me and hasn’t lived with cats in more than 10 years. He gets all the love now.”

15. “My father, who used to hate cats, and Linus, my cat”

16. “My husband likes to send me proof that he’s Toby’s favorite human. Here’s today’s piece of evidence.”

17. “The boyfriend claims he hates the cats. I think he’s a liar.”

18. “This kitten adores my 82-year-old father. This is love.”

19. “My cat is slowly stealing my boyfriend.”

20. Father-Son dinner

21. “Oscar brought home his own supper from the river. My father plated it up for him because a hard-working cat deserves the best service.”

22. “I let my brother cat-sit my kitten, and he sent me this later on.”

23. “My brother’s cat is the light of his life.”

Do you have photo evidence of love between men and cats? If so, share it in the comments below.

Preview photo credit Galolio / Reddit
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