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20 Photos That Will Put Tenderness Into Your Heart

No matter how sad you might be someday, looking at pictures with animals can help you within minutes. This activity releases oxytocin, the happy hormone, that lets the magic happen. By the end of this article you are going to have a big smile because adorableness of a newborn otter or of a child hugging a baby goat is so moving your hormones are going to burst.

We at Bright Side believe that these photos of fluffy creatures are as soothing to the mind and soul as deep meditation. So, take a look and prepare to have your hearts touched.

1. “My Cocker Spaniel wakes me up like this every morning. Definitely a boopable nose!”

2. “Brought this fluff home last week.”

3. "My mom meeting her dream kitten for the first time today!"

4. "Everyone should have a Pocket Kitty."

5. A handful of love

6. Best friends come in all shapes and sizes.

7. This is how fragile a newborn otter can be.

8. Best friends since childhood

9. "She thought she could reach the milk by licking the bowl."

10. Just a sleepy cookie

11. "My friends think this is 'staged' but it’s just a big brother holding his new, little brother."

12. When a baby fox shows up to say hi at your back door:

13. How to find out who your cat's best friend is:

14. "This is Chata the Munchkin. This is how he sleeps."

15. It's years later, but the posture is the same.

16. "Got myself a new friend today!"

17. "He’s been my comfort from the beginning to the end."

18. True friends never leave you alone.

19. Family isn't always blood.

20. A bowl of fluffiness

Do you have lovely photos of your pets? We’d be happy to see them in the comment section below!

Preview photo credit crazyt123 / reddit