20+ Pics That Will Make You Want to Hug Your Pet

No matter what crazy things our animals do, we can’t help but fall in love with their pure souls and weird habits. Sometimes they act like humans, and other times it seems like they’re even more human than us. From taking care of an abandoned egg to graduating from kindergarten, there are 1,001 reasons why animals are the best.

We at Bright Side collected these 21 photos to see why pet owners love their animals so much. And no, we can’t help but want to give a bear hug to our 4-pawed friends.

1. “Best brothers”

2. “I’m just third-wheeling with my boyfriend and Darlene as usual.”

3. This good girl has nursed a kitten back to life who was found on the brink of death.

4. “Fist bump from a random kitty on our walk”

5. “Picked up Libby 7 weeks ago, and this was her on our way home the first day. She is staring at my girlfriend. They’re in love.”

6. “Popple misses her tiny human during the day.”

7. “I found Bentley with a collection of treats. He doesn’t want to talk about it.”

8. “My baby graduated from kindergarten and is very proud of herself.”

9. “Hank comes on a little strong with the kisses, but he’s working on it.”

10. This cat was fat-shamed today by a random stranger. But isn’t he just purrrfect?

11. “My best friend is 17 today!”

12. “One of my 2 cats has worked as a professional model in the past. Can you guess which one?”

13. “I loved him with every fiber of my being. I think he felt the same about me.”

14. “The green button is for my puppy to ask to go outside. He still hasn’t quite grasped it.”

“However, the cat uses it instead to alert when the puppy needs to go out or come back inside.”

15. “Fred, admiring my brother”

16. “This is what I come home to every day. They stack perfectly!”

17. “Having our bunnies at our wedding meant so much to us!”

18. “While I was finishing up my ankle rehab exercises, my dog went and got me this (without me asking)!”

19. Her owner spotted an abandoned egg close to a path. The dog kept it warm to hatch the duckling. And now she has the best buddy ever.

20. “She steals my girl and then gloats about it.”

21. “His parents are getting married soon.”

What is your vision of the ideal pet? Have you ever seen an animal do something that made you fall in love with them? We’d love to hear about it!

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