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A Man Gives Haircuts to Shelter Dogs to Help Them Find Homes

In 2015 Mark Imhof started quite an unusual business. He was thinking about what he could do to help homeless dogs from rescue shelters find their new family. One of the main problems for the dogs was that their street life usually left them badly disheveled, which hides their natural beauty, and might stop people from adopting them. But Mark The Dog Guy, decided to fix this situation and he nailed it!

The services of Mark The Dog Guy include a wash, a haircut, and other grooming procedures. Also, Mark posts the pictures or videos of the grooming process and tells a short story about the doggies on his social media. And those pictures melted the hearts of the Bright Side team! Today we’d like to share the love with you by presenting 18 dogs Mark has worked with.

1. This little guy turned out to be so cute after he met Mark’s caring hand. And there was a lot of work behind this look.

2. Hair mats can cover a dog’s eyes making them almost blind.

3. But Mark is ready to help every dog see a better life.

4. In Mark’s hands every dog gets a warm bath...

5. And a proper haircut and nail trim.

6. All of these procedures help the doggies to feel better...

7. As well as to release these good boys’ and girls’ inner beauty.

8. For example, this is Debbie on her first day at the Animal Care Center. And this is how she looks now, after a bath and grooming:

9. And this guy is now finally able to look directly into your eyes after the extra hair got removed by Mark’s scissors.

10. No matter how bad the mats are, Mark is ready to face the challenge.

11. Dogs can’t lie and the true emotions on their faces are Mark’s initial reward.

12. However, there’s one more thing that every dog wants.

13. It’s something that Mark, with his magic, is trying to help provide to every dog.

14. Every shelter dog needs a home and a loving family.

15. That’s why Mark comes to the shelter to do the grooming and bathing, regardless of the difficulties.

16. Mark knows that clean and good-looking animals have a better chance of being adopted.

17. Here’s Rutgers. He is one of Mark’s beauty models who recently found a new home.

18. Because, honestly, what could be better than a happy dog?

Would you adopt a dog from a shelter? Or maybe you have already done that? Please, share your stories and thoughts in the comments!

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