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People Are Putting Their Pets on Their Shoulder in a New Trend and It Might Be the Cutest One Yet

Starting 2021 on the right note, pet owners have started a new trend that basically involves lifting their pet up, putting it on their shoulder, and snapping a photo. While most animals are loving it, some are trying to bend the rules, making the photos even more adorable.

Bright Side has put together some of the best owner-pet selfies below for your daily dose of “aww.”

1. “I give you, Azu, the shoulder snek.”

2. Shoulder raccoons are here as well.

3. “Behold the glorious whiskers of shoulder cat.”

4. Tiny kittens are in too.

5. This shoulder rooster is thrilled to participate.

6. “I see your shoulder cats and raise you a shoulder gerbil.”

7. “Fern, the sweetest opossum!”

8. “Here’s a shoulder crow.”

9. If your pet is adorably big, you’re allowed to use both shoulders.

10. Never too late for a baby opossum to hop in.

11. “Heard you like shoulder cats. This is a... pygmy tree cat.”

12. “I have my shoulder-mounted barkzooka locked and loaded!”

13. The perfect spot to take a nap.

14. “You’ve heard of shoulder cat, now get ready for shoulder fennec fox!”

15. This shoulder duck is sooo in love with its momma.

16. Albino ferret, reporting for shoulder duty.

17. “Do shoulder horses count? She’s always hanging her head over my neck waiting for scratches.”

18. “Big dogs can be shoulder dogs too.”

19. “Shoulder turkey, the world’s most awkward parrot”

20. Not all cats are in love with the idea though...

21. ...And some are still trying to grasp the concept.

What are you waiting for? Take a selfie with your shoulder pet and share it with us in the comments below!

Preview photo credit Abductedagain / Reddit
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