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14 Reviews That Are Dramatic Enough to Make a TV Series

Lately, there are so many funny reviews online that they instantly make us want to buy the products they’re talking about. Very often, they are so dramatic that there should be a TV series based on them.

We at Bright Side decided to dive into some online store reviews and we found a collection of true masterpieces there.

1. When something you bought online was a total failure

2. “I found this online.”

3. It turns out that alpacas are ninjas.

4. Now, there is one more happy person in the world.

5. This cat got it all wrong.

6. When the product was very bad quality.

7. An interactive food bowl for pets that limits the amount of food and develops their intelligence

8. Now, there’s one more happy cat in the world

9. “When I started to live alone, I realized I had to clean up every day. I decided to buy a robot vacuum. I read this online.”

10. A great comment for the review of a compressed air cleaner

11. When you are still a child:

12. “I was reading reviews about the nearest kindergarten”

13. Smart cat

14. Catnip review

Have you read any interesting reviews online? Share them with us!

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