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15 Accidents That Turned People Into One Huge Smile

Spilling coffee on a new shirt or missing the bus — unlucky accidents attract all of our attention when they occur. With that, there are probably just as many (if not more) random good things happening around us, like getting an extra burrito or the cutest neighbor dog photobombing our pictures. We just need to let them make us smile more.

We at Bright Side know how important it is to appreciate the small things, just like our lucky heroes did today.

1. “Today we made friends with a lovely 90-year-old man called Peter who had just lost his tooth. He and my son have that in common...”

2. “My daughter 10 years ago, someone else had a kitten in a laundry basket... so this happened.”

3. “I was sad to miss my wife this morning, but was happy to see my baby sleeping in her place.”

4. “On a walk through a local forest preserve, came across this family of baby raccoons. They saw me and scurried up this tree.”

5. “After almost 20 years of playing Xbox together, I met my Best Man for the first time this weekend.”

6. “My dog ate pumpkin guts last year, then accidentally planted a very prolific poo garden.”

7. “This week at work has been very hectic. I went to Taco Bell for my weekly stress meal, and they accidentally gave me an extra burrito.”

8. “When I was 6, I accidentally stepped into wet concrete in our backyard, my father decided to keep my footprint, I’m 23 now.”

9. “I caught my two-week-old son’s very first laugh on camera.”

10. “My cats are not really friends but suddenly I found them sleeping next to each other.”

11. “I was taking a picture of my garden and suddenly saw my neighbor’s dog photobombing! It’s one of my favorite pictures now.”

12. “Found a whole tub of Beanie Buddies in my attic today. It has successfully made my week!”

13. “Found that my plant pot can hold my glasses.”

14. “I accidentally took a photo of this couple last Saturday. Hope they see it someday.”

15. “We were in a panic because couldn’t find our black cat, then suddenly...”

What was your latest lucky accident?

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