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15+ Awkward Pictures From Family Photo Albums That Had Us Laughing Our Heads Off

Family is the most important part of our lives. Sometimes looking at family photo albums, we experience different kinds of emotions. Important life events, awkward shots, photobombs, and casual moments captured on paper keep the memories alive. And quite often these memories make us laugh out loud.

Bright Side gathered 15+ awkward family photos that are too good to be true.

1. Denim paradise family from the early 90’s

2. “A picture of my friend’s little cousin before and after his first day of kindergarten”

3. “My parent’s wedding day, 1980s”

4. “My mom’s kindergarten picture from 1969. My grandma was attending hairdresser courses and loved to practice on her daughters.”

5. Delta airlines lost this groom’s luggage before the wedding.

6. And the “Sister of the Year” award goes to...

7. Probably not the best choice of t-shirts for picture day

8. “My sister ordered a photo album for her engagement party. The people who made it apparently googled ‘engagement’ and used the first quote that came up.”

9. “My daughter has a hard time of saying goodbye at Pre-K.”

10. “My trip to Hawaii, circa 1995”

11. Those awkward pauses in the middle of a conversation

12. “The photographer told us to genuinely smile and laugh.”

13. He never ever smiles. A family portrait from 1993

14. My mom and her high school crush at prom, 1976

15. I bet they didn’t expect that when they took this selfie in Berlin.

16. My mom’s senior portrait, 1988

17. “Me, my aunt, and my mom, August 1990”

Which photo from above is your favorite? Do you have any awkward family photos to share?

Tell us what you think in the comments below!

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