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15+ Cool Things We Haven’t Seen Before

This world wouldn’t be half as interesting if we knew all about everything. It’s a huge museum where everything has a place. The only thing that changes is us, when we discover all those fancy items and wonder how many new marvels await us ahead.

1. The Sphinx actually has a tail.

2. “The smallest and largest keys we sell at my shop, as compared to a typical door key.”

3. This is what a newborn hedgehog puppy looks like.

4. This beautiful coffee locust

5. “The inside of the gas pump machine”

6. “The fossil of a small South African dinosaur called Heterondotonsaurus which roamed the earth 200 million years ago.”


7. “Baby pigeons actually exist.”

8. “Tiny pink bananas”

9. “This pine branch is insanely thick.”

10. “This is what the fruit from a magnolia tree looks like.”

11. “Found braided hair on a random ear in a corn maze.”

12. “Tour guides in Vietnam row with their feet.”

13. “A gorilla watching a video of a gorilla being a gorilla.”

14. “This tower of mirrors labyrinth looks like a glitch in reality.”

15. “This sea urchin I found is pretty neat.”

16. “Going through more donation bags, found this alphabet zipper.”

17. Newborn pandas are as tiny as kittens.


What other discoveries did you happen to find out lately? Which one of them you were lucky to see with your own eyes?

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