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15+ Findings That Prove the Craftsmen of the Past Did Their Job Well

We might often hear that in the past, not only was the grass greener, but things were more durable and high-quality. The items that some people find in old cupboards, attics, and at yard sales only further prove this theory. And let’s not forget about family antiques that were passed from one generation to another and still serve their purpose.

We at Bright Side were surprised to realize that people can accidentally find these treasures at thrift shops or even in the basement of their own house. And we want to introduce you to some perfectly preserved artifacts that have survived for many decades.

1. This toy stove belonged to the mom of a Reddit user. Its quality and durability are amazing."

2. “This is the clock my mom gave me today. She says she had it for 30 years. I’m glad it’s hanging on my wall now.”

3. “I found this thing in my basement, and I suppose it’s made of silver. Does anyone know what it is? It belonged to my grandparents, so this thing is at least 50 years old.”

“Every middle-class family used to have one. This is a set for spices from the end of the 1880s, and it’s silver-plated. It was supposed to sit in the middle of the dining table. There should be bottles for oil, vinegar, salt, pepper, and mustard.”

4. “My Meiji period Japanese brooch. I’ve had it for a while now, and I use it to keep my scarf in place.”

5. “I picked up what I thought was a quirky table from the curbside. But it ended up being a vintage rocking bassinet. I’m still using it.”

6. “My girlfriend and I are moving into her great-grandmother’s house. She left all of her furniture, radios, and such. I’m pretty sure it’s all from the ’40s or ’50s and was made in Austria.”

7. “This is one of my favorite thrift finds. A 1970s rattan bookshelf for $7.99.”

8. This silver spoon has been serving several generations of the family of this Pikabu user. He inherited it from his grandma."

9. “I’m at a loss! I found a silver holed box with a handle and a power cord in the basement.”

“This is a heater made for defrosting a freezer.”

10. This is a forged corkscrew from the first half of the 19th century. It looks great and is still in working condition."

11. “A couple of years ago I got this vintage cedar chest for $35. The embroidery is also vintage.”

12. “An interesting find from a couple of years ago — a Nuremberg wedding cup with the incomplete inscription which reads ‘Anni’.”

13. “My grandfather’s red glass Aladdin lamp from the 1930s.”

14. “Hampden pocket watch that belonged to my great-grandfather”

15. “It shocks me that I bought a book from 1672 for $35. I think it still looks pretty good for its age.”

16. “I found this at an antique store. No one knew what it was used for. Maybe, for champagne?”

“It’s a glass epergne — a flower vase.”

Do you have relics that you inherited from your ancestors or that you’ve found that you can share with us?

Preview photo credit Princesscourtt / reddit