15+ People Who Wanted to Enjoy Their Treat but Tasted Bitter Regret Instead

Pleasure and comfort — these are the words that might come to mind when thinking about something delicious. However, even the tastiest snack can be spoiled by those who produce it. Whether it’s tricking customers with misleading packaging, the wrong portion sizes, or a completely different product altogether, it’s easy to turn one’s pure satisfaction into total disappointment.

Bright Side believes that being able to have a good laugh, even in the most upsetting situations, is a good way to cope with misfortune. And we invite you to have a look at these “treats gone wrong” in support of those who received them.

1. “A handful of jam served on a plate at an upscale restaurant.”

2. “My work had an employee appreciation lunch for us.”

3. The design of this cup makes people think that there are real berries inside.

4. “I feel hungry after eating this wrap.”

5. “Opened a can of beans to find no beans at all.”

6. “Bought a chicken pot pie thinking it was the size of the outer tin before cutting into it and seeing this monstrosity.”

7. “I expected that my pizza would be slightly different than it looked on the menu. But I wasn’t ready for this.”

8. “They put only one banana slice in this bag of strawberry and banana smoothie mix.”

9. I thought I was buying the same sized bottles (2 weeks apart).

10. “I expected more cheese...”

11. “The only glazed part is what is shown in the window.”

12. “I ordered an orange juice for $2.50. It was over in about 5 sips.”

13. “I almost poured it over my cheesecake. They put a ketchup container instead of the strawberry topping.”

14. “I opened my mini pop tarts and this was the first thing I saw.”

15. This salmon sandwich must be a joke.

16. “I decided to weigh the cookies that I bought today.”

17. “My cookies and cream ice cream had ZERO cookies in it.”

Have you ever bought something that didn’t look like what was on the package?

Preview photo credit palkarimm / Reddit
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