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15+ Photos That Are Taking Absurdity to Whole New Heights

The dictionary defines “absurdity” as a thing that is extremely unreasonable. It’s used in literature and spoken word to prove a point or create a certain atmosphere — we sometimes see absurdities in the world around us that leave literature in the dust.

We at Bright Side marvel at a sight of a good absurdity and can’t just keep it for ourselves — so here’s a list for you to have fun with!

Fish out of water

Whaaa... hold on!

Easy way to get a 6 pack

Safety first

Not photoshopped

The subway always attracts weird people...

Mmm... hairy sushi

What can I say... handy.

No one told him he couldn’t be a princess.

Broke the system

What the heck is this bike made of?!

Didn’t hatch yet?

True fan of electro music

End of the road

It’s a match!

Explains all the missing kids in the area

Did any of these leave you scratching your head? Be sure to share your favorites with us in the comments — we love hearing from you!

Preview photo credit marytylersmores/reddit, tapo/reddit
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